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Kiel Centennial, Inc / Kiel's heritage: a history of Kiel, 1854-1954

[Kiel organizations],   pp. 41-55

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                            KIEL MAENNERCHOR 
  Copy of Mr. A. W. Dassler's letter of January 23, 1954 to Mrs. Adolph Stoelting
. . . 
  "When I joined the Maennerchor in the fall of 1885, they met at Hans
Greve's Tavern, across 
from the C.J. Meiselwitz building. Willie Heins was director at the time
and soon after left for 
Wittenberg, and I was chosen in his place. I don't know how old the organization
was at the 
time, but I believe it was very young. To the best of my recollection, its
membership consisted 
at the time of Willie, Carl and Rudolph Heins, Emil Hanske, Edmund Hanske,
Gustav Duecker, 
William and Carl Greve and a few more, unknown to me now. Soon after our
list of members grew. 
Listed below are members who belonged during the years of 1885 thru' 1915
Officers - Pres. J. B. Laun; Vice-Pres. A. W. Damrow; Sec. Mathias Becker;
Treas. L. T. Keppler; 
Director, Emil Meinardus. 
  1. Tenors - A. W. Dassler, Ed. Baumann, Hugo Ruh, Chas. Ladwig, Fred Schubert,
F. Manz, W. Goebel, 
L. T. Keppler. 
  2. Tenors - Wm. Roehr, Win. Duecker, John Menne, Otto Duerwaechter. 
  1. Bass - Mathias Becker, Ad. Warnke, A. W. Damrow, Art Manz, A. F. Neumann,
Walter Duecker, Emil 
  2. Bass - J. B. Laun, E.E. Hanske, Wm. Scholzi Jos. Schnurr, Arthur Jaschob,
Gustav Duecker. 
  Other members: 
Henry Greve               Ferd. Schultz            Ferd. Zastrow        
      Frank Jaschob 
Carl Greve                Rudolph Heins            Carl Dietrich        
      Willie Jaschob 
Herman Greve              Willie Heins             William Guetzloe     
      Paul Jaschob 
Paul Schubert             Carl Heins               Emil Raquet          
      hipo Lindner 
Peter Willinnganz was a long-time member and sang first bass. 
                      THE STUDY CLUB OF KIEL 
 On February 3, 1922, the Study Club of Kiel was organized with the following
charter members: 
 Mrs. Henry Ammann                 Mrs. Henry C. Mesch 
 Mrs. Rudolph Greve                Mrs. Edgar A. Paulsen 
 Mrs. Wallace R. Johnson (deceased) Mrs. Carl A. Wallman 
 Mrs. J. B. Laun (deceased)        Mrs. Henry Weingartner 
 Shortly thereafter the club became federated, namely May 20, 1922. 
In the beginning membership was limited to 17, whereas today limit has been
set at 35. 
  The object of the club is 'the promotion of interests among its members
along educational 
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