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Gleanings of '24

Activities,   pp. 43-67

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Teachers: Mary A. Fitzgerald, Prin.; Rose Groth, Ass't. 
The Teacher's Training Department of the Oconto Falls High School 
was organized in the fall of 1916. Previous to the year 1923-24 there 
were one hundred forty-two graduates, one hundred of these from the 
High School Course, and forty-two from    the past graduate course. 
Of these seventy-eight are now teaching in the schools of Oconto 
Comimmt y a(d forty outside of the comity. Thirty-six are not teaching, the
greater mmuber of these being married. Only four of the graduates haN e 
11 teaching experience. The followiing have also completed Normal 
School (Courses after graduating front the training course: 
Mary Brennan                        May McQueen 
Nellie Dlavis                       Ardis Reynolds 
Gertrude Everett                    Virginia Smith 
Sadie Flatley 
One gra(luate. Gladys Ilayes is deceased. 
There are at [)resent forty-four in the graduating class as follows: 
Post Graduates 
Eva Arseneau      Oconto             Ethel Nelson      Suring 
Fern Destival     Oc3nto Falls       Dorothy Niquette  Lena 
Lylla Duame       Stiles             Myrtle Wicke      Suring 
Grace Huisman     Oconto             Russell Wicke     Suring 
Mildred Barcome   Oconto Falls       Lucille Ihotte    Oconto Falls 
Gladys Bitters    Abrams             Gillie Mount      Abrams 
Sada Bohl         Abrams             Lucille McHugh    Oconto Falls 
Genevieve Carriveau Oconto Falls     Clarence MeMahon  Hickory 
Esther Cleveland  Oconto             Agnes Nadeau      Oconto Falls 
Muriel Caopman    Oconto Falls       Ethel Nelson      Suring 
Grace Flowers     Oconto Falls       Francis Oshwaldt  Oconto Falls 
Fairbern Flowers  Oconto Falls       Barbara Parker    Hickory 
Hugo Fisher       Frostville         Thelma Parkinson  Oconto 
Esther Halstead   Stiles             Mildred Perry     Oconto Falls 
Edith Hanneman    Cecil              Alice Peters      Pensaukee 
Cl'fford Hodgins  Gillett            Beatrice Renel    Oconto Falls, 
Ellen Johnson     Claywood           Elta Sargent      Abrams 
Hazel Johnson     Claywood           Ervin Sassman     Klondike 
Irma Kilmer       Oc:nto Falls       Helga Thompson    Suring 
Grace Knowles     Oc3nto Falls       Margaret Vollmer  Oconto Falls 
Irene Krueger     Advance            Edna Wolff        Oconto Falls 
June Leigh        Pcnsaukee          Esther Zeiroth    Lena 
The most practical work of this department-is the practice teaching. 
All students teach at least five subjects and all have twenty weeks ex- 
perience in teaching from the first. to the seventh grade. Classes are 
small for the purpose of stressing method of teaching in preference to 
disci1)line. The grade teachers give twenty-five model teaching lessons 
for observatiot for the practice teachers during the year. Their hedry 
,oo)peration and the splendid demonstration lessons are very much ap- 
preciated by both the students and the training teachers. Each student, 
besides this, spends two weeks during the year in rural schools with 
experienced teache's in further preparation for teaching. They always 
return to school with fine reports of the good work they have seen in 
the rural schools, and with a feeling that the rural teachers have cooper-
ated most splendidly with the Training Department and have done every- 
thing possible to help them during their visits. 

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