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Gleanings of '24

Activities,   pp. 43-67

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In Such Places As These, Were Calhoun, Webster and Clay trained. 
The Arcona literary society was organized by a group of girls who 
determined not to let the boys get ahead of them in any way whatever. 
At Ahe beginning the membership was not very large but it rapidly 
grew to include about forty members. 
When a joint meeting of the two societies was suggested by the 
Summa Sumarum society they accepted and took an active part in the 
program. They were somewhat surprised and indignant when the 
president of the boy's society accused their officers of over eating. 
They attended the trial and put up a good but winning fight, and were 
much relieved when the jury announced that no decision could be 
Some very interesting programs were put on at the regular meet- 
ingg and the welcome given to the new members was always interest- 
ing and hearty. 
In February, a party was given to the Summa Sumarum society. 
The party'Was well attended and all had a very good time. The boys ' 
however were very careful to refrain from eating too much lest thel 
suffer the same consequences as the girls. 
To show some pep and get ahead of the boys an orchestra was or- 
ganized which was fully capable of competeing with any of its kind. 
Every one in both the Arcona and Summa Sumarumn societies are     I 
looking  rward to a debate which is to be held sometime in the sprin-. 
Mr. Rosenthal offered a banner to the winners. 
The Summa Sumarum literary society was organized in September 
and since that time has been having a lively and interesting existenec. 
Meetings were held every two weeks at which very interesting pro- 
grams were given. An active part was taken in debates, speaking, , 
musical selections, recitations and other activities. 
On December eighteenth, the Summa Sumarum society invited 
the Arcona society to a joint meeting. A program was put on which in- 
eluded nearly every one. The orchestra was there and deliverd their 
usual lively music. The refreshments were furnished in great abun- 
dance as is shown by the fact that the officers of the Arcona Society 
were charged with over eating. 
The, dispute was finally settled at a trial held on January eighteenth. 
Both the prosecution and defense was very strong and were so evenly 
matched that the jury could not decide for either side. 
The Summa Sumarum had a very enjoyable time at a party given 
by the Arcona society in February, and enjoyed the jokes the girls tried
to pull on them. 
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