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Gleanings of '24

Activities,   pp. 43-67

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Foxes and upon inquiring of them tile name (,f the country, they in- 
formed us that it was tile southern extremity of Florida. 
Twelve months later found us landed oil the shores of Canary 
Islands. The Black Squad of the Canaries was our opponents here, and 
still being in training, we easily defeated them. 
Again we set out. How we got to Russia I amI not prepared to say. 
Suffice to say, that our first game was played at Moscow, with the 
liackbeards as our opponents. Again the Greek Gods favored us by giv- 
ing us another victory. 
Our canoe abandoned at Oddessa, we were now on our own means 
of locomotion once more. Northvestward we turned our steps. 
After innunierable yeats of wanderings, I cannot r call how many, 
itough I judged about fifteen, during which time we encountered about 
200 Eskimo teams, and still undefeated, we arrived at some civilized 
port on the southern extremity of the Ob. While oil the march we sang 
the same old ditty: 
-When our shoes wear out from walking we'll be on our feet 
Our persistant efforts brought us to the plateau of Tibet where we 
continued our victorious basketball career, winning eight games there. 
Still going eastward we played the Ling Fu Wang quintet of. 
Peking, defeating them I to 0. 
Tokyo by this time was a city of about four million, with tall sky 
scrapers and picturesque halls. We eng~iged the Sun Yet Sen five in a 
ball about a mile long and half as wide. Another victory crowned out 
Our water transportation problem was solved by a dugout with a 
mat sail to help us. 
Another month found us in the Phillipines actively engaging the 
darkies with considerable success. After adding five more victories to 
the list, we went to the Kaugaroo continent where we played the Kan 
garoos. Desereter and Ostriches at Melbourne, Sydney and a small town 
in the center of the continent respectively. 
Traveling westward with the trade winds, we arrived after six 
months life on shark and whale meat at the entrance to the Strait of 
Madagascar. Our experiences 'In the "Dark Continent" were a con-
tinuous string of victories for our colors, which by the way were red 
anud black. The Kimberley diamond five were the first victims. The 
Victoria quintet next fell before our skill and efforts, our next game was
staged on the banks of the Majestic Congo with the Enlightened 
')arkies as our opponents. In this game we were victorious as usua!. 
Wending our way northward through the dense mazes of Ithe 
tropical jungle we at length came upon our next victims, the Sahara 
Camels in French Equatorial Africa. We again entered the jungle 
;ilong the Gambia and followed the latter to its mouth. Here we con- 
quered another quintet. The Royal Liberian Constabulary. With th( 
help of a native dugout and a few rude paddles we set out again upon 
tie dark forbidding waters of the Atlantic. 
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