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Gleanings of '24

Activities,   pp. 43-67

Page 49

Surinq 8    Oconto Falls 11 
On Saturday, February '16, our boys traveled to Suring and emerged 
victorious in another basketball game. Before a capacity crowd, the 
boys staged one of the fastest and best games of the season on an out- 
side floor. 
Pulaski 8   Oconto Falls 3 
on Tuesday, Foruary 19, our basketball team went to Pulaski, to 
clash with the aggregation of that school. The result was not as satis- 
factory as it might have been, but they played a fast game and main- 
tained their high standard of efficiency. No excuse was offered so this 
game will go down on record without one. 
Peshtigo 18  Oconto Falls 4 
Friday. of the same week, the boys went to Peshtigo and theme 
played another game of basketball, but the result was against them and 
in due justice to the boys they played an excellent game of basketball, 
though the score does not indicate it. For lack of space, no alibi -was 
Suring 6   Oconto Falls 13 
On Tuesday. February 27, the Suring Itligh School team came to 
Oconto Falls with a determination to avenge the defeat handed them by 
our boys eleven days before. The game was an exhibition of dazzling 
pivoting and snappy passing together with accuracy in locating the ring,
made this game ono of the most exciting gaines of the season. The boys 
have shown a mnaked improvement in their methods of playing both 
on the offensive and defensive. 
Curtis Tracey-- 
"Well-tonight we take our regular exercise. The team that we 
play tonight is as active as a volcano, so we want you all to turn out 
and help the eruption." 
Clarence Coopman-- 
"!t takes a lot of pep to play a basketball game, but it takes ten 
times as much to get up here and give a speech. My partner has stated 
enough to fill a book, so my words will cover the pages of Volume II. 
Captain Garth Volk- 
"I've been so busy these days that I spend 20 hours out of 24 at the
school. Tonight is another chance to show that we've got more pep 
than a pepper shaker, and the boys expect you will show it by coming 
to the game." 
"'Tis an unweeded garden that grows to seed." 

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