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Gleanings of '24

Alumni letters,   pp. 37-38

Page 38

Bohl-A dish soup is served in.           Seeling-Top part of room. 
Mount-Mount Vernon.                      Eastman-A kodak. 
Fisher-A pretty bird.                    Meetz-Battle ground in World War.
Sampson-A place near Morgan.             Koch-One that prepares the meals.
Cleveland-A city in Ohio.                Temple-Large building for worship.
Wolffe-A wild animal.                    Ryan-A part of bacon. 
Peep-A language of little birds.         Shurr-Students answer. (Politely).
Carey-Cash and Carry Store.              Markes-What we all hate to look
Lhotte-Place where a house is built.     Kelly-Kelly Springfield Tires. 
Flowers-Golden-rod an Purple Aster.      Birr-Picky little stick tights.
Bunn-   Kind of bread.                   Kain-An aid for old folks. 
Berg-A small place.                      Campbells-Campbells tomato soup.
Greenwood-A    place for picnics.        Gabr'el-He who will blow the silver
Coffey-A drink at breakfast,               trumpet at the Pearly Gate. 
Date-What every girl longs to have.      Morris-Inventor of the secret code.
Sargent-An officer in the army.          Wach-What we all must do in the
Knowles-Green spots in a field,            morning. 
Boldt-An article with a nut on one       Angus-A character in Macbeth. 
end.                                   Fuller-Brushes the best to hug. 
Rice-Starch food.                        Wood-Fuel used in a stove. 
Glass-A window pane.                     Hubbard-Old Mother Hubbard. 
Perry-Discoveror of the North Pole.      Gallagher-Oh Mr. Gallagher, Oh Mr.
Wall-Great wall of China.                  Shean. 
Leigh-A noted general.                   Holmes-Large and small built along
Jensen-An herb used in healing,            the highways. 
Mills-Built along rivers.                Frederick-Greatest ruler of Prussia.
A. S. and H. L. O. 
"Whispering," "Vamp," and others all the raqe. 
Stumbling All Around-Joe Swabcda_        I Want My Mammy-Erna Koch. 
I Love Me-Arlene Boldt.                  I Never Knew-Eva Arsnel. 
Dreamy Melody-Clarence Coopman.          Whispering-Vernon Boldt. 
I'm  Nobody's   Baby   Now-Helen        When I'm Gone I Won't Forget You-
Putnam.                                  Lucille McHugh. 
The Vamp-Mildred Barcome.                Gee.But I Hate to Go Home Aline-
The Storm-Mr. Wolff.                       Mildred Perry. 
When I'm a Long Long Way Fromi           I Love the Ladies-Alger Lefave.
Home-Kenneth Munsert.                  There's a Little Bit of Green in 
In the Gloaming-Esther Cleveland.          Everybody-Freshie. 
Wonderful One-Elton Fisher.              Yes We Have No Bananas-Nathan 
Stuttering-Mr. Holzman.                    Shurr. 
Lovin' Sam-Irma Kilmer.                  I'm Just a Little Blue for -Someone-
Three   O'clock  in  the  Morning-         Wrrmit Bateman. 
Charolette I-eise.                     I Want to be in Tennesee-Lucile 
My Wild Irish Rose-Reta Flynn.             Lhotte. 
They Don't Hesitate Anymore-The          Why Should I Cry Over You-Lydia
Teachers.                                Kamke. 
My   Sweetie  Went   Away-CurtiG        I Use to Love You but it's All O-7c
Tracy.                                   Now-Garth Volk. 
You'd Be Surprised-Grace Huisman. 
"Thy manner must be wicked." 

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