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Gleanings of '24

History of junior high,   p. 34

Page 34

Note that on September 11, We Entered School 
On Monday morning September 11, the thirty-one Junior Seconds 
=       assembled in Room 18 eager to know what the day was to bring torth.
Classes were organized, books purchased, and programs arranged. 
In a few'days summer vacation was forgotten and everyone had settled 
down to school work. 
Each week the important "goings on" appeared in the local paper.
On Hallowe'en the Junior Seconas gave a costume party. The stunts 
were carried out and everyone had a guod time. 
=          The next important event was the Christmas Program given Friday
the twenty-first of I)ecember in room 17. After the gills had been dis- 
iributed the students were dismissed for the holiday recess of two. 
On January seventh, everyone who hadn't contracted the inumnps. 
returned to schoot ready to start the new year. 
Three weeks afterward they had the pleasure (f writing their' 
semester examinations. This concludes the history of the fist semester. 
I                        PERSONALS EIGHTH GRADE 
=                 Leonard, Catherine etc., furnish humor for all. 
Miss Workman: "Leonard you may stay after school and write- 
your theme." 
Leonard: "Aw, I got lots of chores to do." 
Miss Workman: "Then you will have another one." 
Gladys and Calherine conversinp' in history class. 
Miss Workman: "This is no Ladies aid." 
Amos Hodgins receiving his test paper with mistakes. 
Amos: "Miss Gruhlke would this paper be correct if it didn't have 
these mistakes?" 
In History Class 
Miss Workman: "What is the Holy Alliance ?" 
Gustave: "That's for relivion." 
Should be: About different states claiming Territory in S. A." 
Miss Workman: "Who can Dlav some ilnstrumenf for our Junior 
High band? What do voi, play Leonard?" 
Leonard: "Victrola." 
Enqlish Class 
Assigning lopic, to talk on a trip to different parts of the world. 
Miss Gruhlke: "Florence and Arnold you may go to Panama, 
Catherine and Otto you may go to Japan." 
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