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Whitbeck, R. H., 1871-1939 (Ray Hughes) / The geography and economic development of southeastern Wisconsin

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Anderson, W. J. and Bleyer, J., eds. Milwaukee's Great In-
dustries; pub. by the Association for the Advancement of
Milwaukee, ill. 1892.
Bailey, A. Milwaukee Almanac and Business Directory for
1862. Same for 1867.
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waukee, 1886.
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County, Chicago, 1876, 85 pp. incl. 13 maps and 29 plates.
Boyle, Thomas. In Conrad's History of Milwaukee, Vol. 2;
chapter I gives an account of the railroads of Milwaukee.
Milwaukee, 1895.
Bleyer, H. W., comp. The Milwaukee Manual, 1881-82; 95
pp. maps.
Bleyer Brothers, pub. Bleyer's Guide to Milwaukee; a hand-
book and guide, 1873-74.
!1'%  .- _ 1 - a r- 1  I  I N    fs lt  -A fl
Bruce, vv In. A. Milwaukee's Century of progress.  W ritten
for Wright's Directory of 1918. Includes a chronology of
Milwaukee. Gives brief, summarized account of Milwau-
kee's development. Paper. 40 pp.
Buck, J. S. History of Milwaukee, Vol. I, Revised ed. Mil-
waukee, 1890.
Pioneer History of Milwaukee, 4 vols.
Vol. 1, from 1833-41, with topographical description
and map.
Vol. 2, from 1840-46.
Vol. 3, Milwaukee under the charter, 1847-53.
VoL 4, Milwaukee under the charter, 1854-60.
Butler, J. D. Alexander MitchelL WTis. Hist. Colls. Vol. II,
1888, pp. 435-451.
tiutterneld, U. i. Milwaukee" mt Magazine of W estern
History, Vol. 5, p. 468, Feb. 1887; also p. 630, March, 1887.
Deals with the Indians and with the French explorations.
Caspar, C. N. & Co., pub. Caspar's Guide and map of the city
of Milwaukee, sixth edition, revised 1904, 139 pp. ill. also
for years following.
Chamber of Commerce, Annual Reports of the commerce,
manufactures, banking, business, etc. of the City of Wil-
waukee, 1854 to date. Very valuable statistical report.

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