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Huebsch, Allen; Huebsch, Jane (ed.) / Edgar: an illustrated history, 1898-1998

Edgar remembered,   pp. 75-98 PDF (13.8 MB)

Page 93

as wild about basketball then as they are
"Heck, we weren't even players. The
way they play ball today, they'd trounce us
pretty bad. Like everything else in athletics,
basketball has improved a great deal," Hertz
Hertz eventually married an Edgar
cheerleader, Elaine Baeseman, and adds,
"That's the best thing I got out of basket-
Another two-year starter on the state
tournament teams was Ken Buehler, now a
Menomonee Falls dentist. Buehler attended
Milwaukee Teachers College (now UWA-
Milwaukee), the alma mater of Coach
Schultis, and played professional basketball
in the old National Basketball League, a
forerunner of today's National Basketball
Buehler played for the Sheboygan
Redskins until getting called to serve in the
United States Navy during World War II. He
played with the Fort Wayne Pistons (now
the Detroit Pistons) a short time after the
war, but sustained an injury. He then
decided to pursue his dentistry degree full-
time at Marquette University.
Also recalling the low-scoring era of
basketball, Buehler said, "I can remember
one game my sophomore year in '36 when
we played at Abbotsford and the score was 8-
6, although there was a deliberate attempt to
stall and delay."
Asked why the two Edgar teams were so
successful, Buehler replied, "We were pretty
tall for a Class C team. Hertz was 6-3, I was
6-2 and my brother Earl played too and he
was about 6-0."
He also remembered the cars in the
1930's often were without heaters and "your
feet would get so cold and numb that when
you got to the game, it felt like you were
running around on something that didn't
belong to you."
The city hall gym also evoked memories
for Buehler: "At one end of the floor a stage
curved out and if you'd drive in under the
basket it would cut into the back of your
legs. At the other end there were some doors
a foot off the end of the court. It was small.
In fact, when they enlarged the center jump
circle from three feet, it overlapped the free
throw circles at both ends of the floor."
The 1936 team included Hertz, Buehler,
Harry Peterman, Roy Drumm, Ray
Muskowski, Henry Hoffman, Lawrence
DeLong and Bud McDonald. Drumm,
Muskowski and DeLong were seniors.
The 1937 roster included Drumm,
Hoffman, Clifford Lierman, Jack Ketter,
Orvis McDonald, Buehler, Hertz, Peterman
and Warren Ohm.
Hertz said at a 40-year reunion of his
class two years ago, he and Ketter were the
only members of the basketball team to
The Wausau Record-Herald selected a
Marathon County high school basketball
conference all-star in the 1930's. In 1936,
Edgar dominated the squad with Hertz,
Muskowski and Drumm all earning first
team honors along with Goldbach of Mara-
thon and Chet Kuroski of Mosinee, now the
Schofield Postmaster.
In 1937, Hertz was an all-star repeater
and was joined on the first team by Ken
Buehler and Peterman, with Curtis Hintz of
Mosinee and Arthur Lueptow of Auburndale
rounding out the first team.
Some of the members of Edgar's champi-
ons of the 1930's have died. Hertz is plan-
ning at attend the state tournament this
weekend and hopes he might find some of
his former teammates.
By Dick Kloppenburg, 3/20/80 Wausau Daily
'Blind' Area Causes Freak Train Wreck
October 10, 1949
A "blind" area, created by freight cars on
a loading track south of the main line of the
Chicago & Northwestern Railway, was
Edgar's Unde-
feated high school
basketball team: l-r
(front) Roy
Drumm, Henry
Hoffman, Cfford
Lierman, Jack
Ketter, Orvis
McDonald, (back)
Douglas Rifleman,
Ken Buehler,
Robert Hertz, Earl
Peterman Warren
Ohm and Art
Schultis-coach. In
1936, the team
went to the
Madison Tourna-
ment and in 1937
to Wisconsin

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