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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / The University of Wisconsin directory of the short course in agriculture, 1886-1927

Russell, H. L.
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W        HEN    THE FAMILY        gets so big that most of the
          children wander far away from the home roof tree, it be-
 V   v   hooves Alma Mater to keep track of her numerous
 progeny so that at least the whereabouts of the family will be
 known. It is for this reason that the effort has been made to
 bring together a list of all the former students of the Short
 Course in Agriculture.
   For over forty years the University of Wisconsin has been
 sending out into the world the youth of the state and the nation
 who have found in the Short Course in Agriculture an oppor-
 tunity for their agricultural training.
 At the outset when this course was started it was an educa-
 tional experiment. It was scoffed at by the academically minded
 as beneath the dignity of a university to concern itself with the
 more practical aspects of agricultural training. But time has
 amply demonstrated the wisdom of the experiment. Since it was
 started, nearly every state agricultural college in the nation has
 adopted the idea in one form or another.
 The 7,500 Short Course students iiho have come to the Uni-
 versity are now to be found all over the world. Last year I
 found some of them in the far-off northern island of the Japan-
 ese empire, utilizing most successfully the principles they had
 learned at the University many years ago. Naturally the great
 majority of this group have found their life work here in Wis-
 The reputation of Wisconsin as a progressive agricultural com-
 munity is world wide. To no inconsiderable degree, we are fre-
 quently told is this reputation to-be ascribed to the young farmers
 of the state who learned the principles of a sound, safe and sane
 agricultural development here in the Short Course, and who put
 these principles into practical use as they went back to the farms
 of this and other states.
 To all such students who have been with us in the past, we
 extend the heartiest wishes of the University for your continued
 interest in the further development of this educational work that
means much to the prosperity of our state and nation.
                                               H. L. Russell,
 June 14, 1927.                                          Dean.

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