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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 18],   pp. [1]-4 PDF (1.3 MB)

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Page 3
                         HOLD ENTHUSIASTIC ASSE1LJ3LAGE
instead of
                             N. E. A. IWEETS HERE;
                                  HITS ON ALL SIX
      The pondorouu, dignified, sonorous editorial style has gone out. It
went rith thu hoopskirt and crinoline.   Those arc days of bobbed hair and
skir',.  Let's put our message in the abbreviated style the women have adoptod.
                          Build Headlines on Facts
   VV01-JEN, in the mass, have rarely boon wrong. W~,hen they derund short,
snappy stylus they indicate life has become snap,)y. They startle us some-
times with their bcach brovitics.   Let's bet into the gamo and startle them
into sub:cribing for our papurs by giving them snappy huads, better made-up
papers, zottcr-set advertisements and better papers.
      To write heads demands that there must be facts in the story in tops
we hereby assert that many a country paper is going to bat, week after week,
with mighty few facts, or at least facts that are just the coarse nuggcts
the district, unrefined by the application of intensive thought.
      In watching consolidations the past two years I have detected the fact
that few of the papers which lost their identity were papers that aarriod
heads. It scems to mle as though properly dressed papers built themselves
tection; chat rival papers foared to battle with them. They looked too well
established to be given a fight.
  I- DITORSHIP of THE JEFFERSON BANNER will be changed in the near future.
      But only for one wock.  At the time the now high school building of
Badger Homemakers     this Badger community is dodicated, members of the
Will Edit Weekly      Woron's Club of Jefferson will edit the weokly. Every-
   thing from preparing copy to solicting advertising and subscriptions will
   be in the hands of ladies.   An extra largeo issue full of special features
   gathered from the houiw field, is the goal set by the club.   The edition
   will be printod on book paper and will contain a large number of illustra-
   tions of coMLmunity scenes. Copies will be sold at 10 cents each.
   Not long ago, THE LAKE GENEVA NE!S-TRIBUI2 Bas edited by the Women's
Club of that Walworth county town. Editor Arthur Todd was well pleased
with the work of the ladies' organization.
     EORCE COOK, editor
     the circulation of
Two Weeklies Combined
Issue 2,000,000 Copies
   2,000,000 ccpies per
   the home community.
. of THE MILLTOMIN NVISMAN, has only partly revealed
.his woekly, when he said in last week's editorial
  column: "The combined circulation of the SATURDAY
week. The former covers the nation and the laster
NOw it is time to advertise."

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