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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town Holland Jan 8 1851 [Translation],   pp. 1-4 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 4

Letter 2, page 4, translation
this I must tell you about it yet that I fear that frederic will not have
much  1
of his mother's estate  I have also been told that there is a rumor   2
in circulation among you that I am living in adultery or in other words in
divorce 3
at any rate such information has reached here  whether this is true [or not]
about this 4
I could again write a great deal to establish its untruth  yet will not 
but I advise you to inform youselves about this through cornelis pot and
his  6
wifer former shoeing-smith at kloetinge  they get news from her    7
brother Traas who also lives in this place  and then my wife will   8
also put her name in the letter as well as my two sons  but    9
[as for] the girls that not be possible for the both live at milwauke   10
and that is 45 miles from us  the last word we have had from them   11
that was 8 days ago  they were then still both well  katie    12
earns two guilders and 50 cents holland a week above her board and   13
janet one guilder and a half  janet in the last semester had    14
like wages with katie  but she is suffering some now and there-    15
fore has to favor herself some  should they enter your house now you would
not know them  withal I have no peace but what shall I say    17
my prayer is often that the Lord may protect them  in the month    18
of August they were home 14 days  they already speak fairly good   19
english  they would be ina position now to direct us     20
should we now have to travel through America  in this they are far ahead
of the boys 21
although they are also at present getting lessons every evening in    22
english froma pieter lavrouw of oosburg from kazant  be so    23
good as to let our former neighbor in Goes tailor G denherder    24
in wijngaard street read this letter  and then I request him    25
that he give ten kater smith in the scheerhenrikkindersche gateway the compliments
from that lavrouw and all his family  those people's      27
friendship I enjoy especially much  he and his mother     28
and his brother live near us and his three sisters live     29
15 miles from us in Sheboygan  one is married to     30
Qintus who publishes the holland paper  and the other two    31
with german gentlemen  these last lines will not interest you much    32
but I do that to accomodate lavrouw  the slander     33
I mentioned at the top of this page no doubt originates     34
with that good rogue [keesenjans] that I made the voyage with  my   35
above mentioned neighbor has told me only a little dot about    36
those good people  from him you could find out whom I mean    37
*Side text*
Dear neighbor   cordial greetings from us; our greetings to all your children
married and unmarried   and be so kind as to greet from me the bretheren
serving the church

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