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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town Holland Jan 8 1851 [Translation],   pp. 1-4 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 3

Letter 2, page 3, translation
with me I was at the house on the 29th to make a list of the chattels   
and then I was referred by said parties to the said Zonne  when he    2
had looked at it [the instrument] he laughed at it and said that he had another
instument 3
he then read that to us  and that was a will written by him     4
the 27th of June hence four days after nephew's death  the content of that
testament was that said C Bliek and J Kastel were to have lifelong    6
use of the goods and that Zonne was to be executor      7
and that the rest of that estate after the death of those two peo_    8
pleZonne was to turn over to the son  at this point I answered     9
that if he would procure for me a legal discharge I would give up the whole
matter  10
then J kleinepiet showed the above document to the judge and     11
that was declared null because it was written in the holland language and
not   12
by a mayor [burgemeester] as it should be according to this law and     13
be witnessed by two uninterested persons  the thought at once occurred to
me that it  14
was false because A vanboven said that he would not swear to it and he  
was just the one who understood the whole matter  then Zonne kept holding
back the deed  16
and unfortunately it had not yet been recorded  otherwise he     17
could have done no harm with it  but now he had tried [hunted through] everything
 he  18
later wrote a contract of purchase saying that he did sell the land for 
the above mentioned sum but to three people G kopmels C Bliek and J kastel
and then for that amount only the usufruct during their life and     21
that after thier death it was to become his land again without needing to
turn over anything to any one else  this [information]again I wrestled from
him  and now 23
he has given a deed to another 80 acres of forest land that certainly is
worth less than half as much  what is now to become of this I do not know
 the laws are  25
peculiar here and trying if one does not know the language I have a lot of
running to do  26
with the matter  I have already made eight trips to the chief town of our
district about 27
it   and that is as far from us as fortbats is from Goes     28
I have written three letters to Frederick in Vriesland  I have one answer
from him in riply with a summons or authorization to do his business    30
he writes that he thought his father was still in Zeeland     31
Hence Nephew kopmels [must have] left without his son's knowledge    32
he writes too that his father did indeed have that purpose shortly after
his mother's death 33
but that he had advised against it and promised that he      34
would let his father keep his mother's goods until his [the father's] death
 that seems  35
however to have been to no avail  and now he [must have] left secretly  at
this I stood  36
amazed  the more because Zonne told me that the son was so     37
bad that he was not worthy of having anything from his father     38
if I had to write you all the crooked tricks of that man     39
 I would certainly have to use four sheets of paper     40
*Side text*
you will find mistakes here and there of course but I hope you will get my
having clasped you in thought to my heart  your loving brother  G Brandt

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