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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Fuller, James G.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 13: profitable pork production PDF (807.1 KB)

            Profitable Pork Production
   Wisconsin farmers should produce more pork. There is a
place for a few hogs on practically every farm in the state. The
                           hog is a consumer of waste and low
Meat and Money Makers.   grade feed. The garbage from the
                           house, if properly handled, would
feed one or two sows. The hog is our best machine for producing
home grown meats.
   Wisconsin pork producers find it most profitable to grow ani-
mals that finish for slaughter or market at 8 to 10 months of age.
                           The most desirable market hogs are
When Pigs Become Hogs. those uniform in conformation, of
                           smooth finish and alike in breed char-
acteristics. The best hogs are produced by using the best pure
bred sire that can be afforded. The sire, because his conforma-
tion and quality are reproduced in his get, is more than half the
herd. Both individuality and breeding are necessary in the ideal
   Successful swine men do not attempt to raise two litters n4
pigs per year unless they have suitable feed and very comfortable
quarters. In order to produce two litters per year to the besL
advantage, they have their sows farrow in March and in Septem-
ber. To do this great care is taken to have the sows safely bred
in November and May. When but one litter is raised the sows
are bred to farrow about May 1st.
   Pregnant sows should have abundant exercise. They should
be allowed to root over barnyard manure and litter. When the
                         weather is bad, it is well to make them
Sows Should Work For work for part of their food by rooting
Their Living.            over litter scattered on the barn floor.
                         Brood sows should do well provided
with one of the following rations fed as a thick clean slop in
connection with some succulent feed, such as roots or ensilage:

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