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Scott, Walter E. (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Vol. 4, No. 4 (Fall 1957)

Honors, positions and publications of members,   pp. 147-152

Page 149

F15                            1
ELOISE GERRY - Member Bd., Dane Co.Humane Soc.; Chm. Wis. Today
  Comm. AAUW; Archivist Madison Altrusa
A. JOSEPH GILLAN - Book Ms, Principal Schools of Ukiyoye (Japanese
  Woodcut Prints) Artists
HAROLD A. GODER - Chm.Membership Comm., Wis.Acad.; Book Ms,
  Hemlock Along Its Border in Wisconsin, Study of the Border and
  Probable Causes for its Present Location
OWEN J. GROMME - Book Ms, Birds of Wisconsin (text & color plates)
FREDERICK N. HAMERSTROM, Jr. - Dir., Wis.Cons.League; Corres.Mem.
  Hungarian Ornith.Soc.; Assoc.Ed.,Journal of Wildlife Management;
  Co-author with Frances Hamerstrom of booksF- see following
FRANCES HAMERSTROM - Dir., Wis.Cons.League; Corres.Mem. Deutsche
  Ornith. Gesellschaft.; on Review staff of Bird-Banding; Part of
  "Sharptails into the Shadows?" (w/ F.Hamerstrom & O.Mattson)
  used in Hogrefe's The Process of Creative Writings Harper '56;
  Book Ms, A Guide tF rairehTckenent, w/ F.Hamerstrom
  and Oswald Mattson
PRESTON C. HAMMER - Consultant to Sandia Corp.,Los Alamos Sci.
  Laboratory; Reviewer for Math. Reviews; Book, The Computing
  Laboratory in the University, pub. by UW Press
ELLA M. HANAWALT - Member Wis.State Comm. on Teacher Edu. and
  Professional Standards
LOUISE W. HANIEY - Included in Directory of Amer.Scholars and in
  Who's Who of American Women; Book, USAFI English Composition I
  and InstruaoF's Course Outline for Composition I; working on
  book on Place Names in Kentucky.
ARTHUR D. HASLER - Hon.Fellow, Phila.Acad.Science; Member of NSF
  Advisory Comm.on Environ.Biol., AIBS Membership & Policy Comm.,
  ONR Hydrobiol.Comm., Adv.Comm.on Research, WCD, Fellowship
  Comm.Nat'l Res.Council, Madison Civic Music Assoc., Boy Scout
  Troop Committeeman
ROE-MERRILL S. HEFFNER - V-P, Linguistic Soc. of America, 1957
DION HENDERSON - V-P (Arts), Wis.Academy; Johnson Found.award by
  OWAA; Novel, The Last One (Henry Holt & Co.), Arrows on the
  Moon (short stories) in press, Michael Standish as He Was to Us
  Novel in Preparation
VICTOR HICKS - Dir.,Physics Club of Milw.; V-P, Milw.Sigma Xi Club
RUTH L. HINE - Sec'y, Wis.Chap., Soil Cons. Soc. of America
HJALMAR R. HOLAND - Books: Explorations in America Before
  Columbus ('56), Iy First Elght Years (T37T
ANDREW W. HOPKINS - Book, The Prairie and Its People, with
  Martha S. Engel
MRS. ELLEN H. HOY - Member, Bd.Dir., Northland Historical Soc.
MERRITT Y. HUGHES - Book: John Milton. Complete Poems and a
  Prose, Hughes. Odyssey Press, N.Y., Sept.'57
MRZ7-CIARA HUSSONG - Book in Ms, "Golden Book of Birds"(children's)
AARON J. IHDE - Member, Wis. Food Advisory Board
ROBERT H. IRRMANN - Member, Adv.Bd. Danforth Associates,St. Louis
  Seminar Leader, Danforth Teachers Conf., 1957; Member Selection
  Comm., IX, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Prog., 1956-57
IRVING H. ISENBERG - Chm., TAPPI Microscopy Comm., Member, FPRS
  Publications Comm.
HARTLEY H.T. JACKSON - Book Ms, Mammals of Wisconsin (comp.1957)
LEON D. JOHNSON - Book Ms, Pond Culture T? Muskellunge in Wis.
MARTIN JOOS - Chm., Comm.on Language Prog.,Am.Coun.Learned Soc.
  Ed., Readings in Linguistics, Publ.Am.Coun.Learned Soc. 1957
LOUIS KIAAN - CE., Comm. on Centralized & Coop.Cataloging
  (Assoc.of Res.Lib.); Ms, Bibliography of Amer. Autobiographies
CHARLES A. KEMPER - Cons.Chm., Bd.Dir., Wis.Soc. Ornithology
Fall. 1959

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