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Zenith bulletin
(May 28, 1943)

Zenith bulletin, May 28, 1943

28, P43
ZENITH'S  DIAMOND-BALL TEAM:      BACK ROW: (left to right) are   FRONT ROW: (left to right)
Undefeated o far this season Bruce Reed, Harvey Johnson, Roy Hack, Lee Giernett, Irvin
it looks as if these boys are     Clarence Tyo, Milton Johnson,   Mularie, Rube Anderson (team
going to be the League lead-      Jim Bowden, George Horne, and   manager); Ted Goethel and
ers this season.                  Don Venne (crouching).          George Anderson.
DON'T  FORGET   the              U.S.A. Local #    2542
meeting tonight at
8 P.M. in the West    BROTHERS & SISTERS:
End Legion Hall of
C.I.O. Local 2542.        On June let and 2nd (next Tuesday and
r         mWednesday) there will a committee in the yard
Importantmeethnge.   to check EVERYBODY for dues paid and unpaid.
Be sure to have your dues book with you
In observance of Memorial Day, there         on these days.
willbeNO WORK on Monday, May 31st                     In accordance with our by-laws all members
not in good standing are subject to a fine of
If you have had any previous Red Cross      a'new initiation fee and all back dues.
or other recognized First Aid training.....
please register your name IMMEDIATELY with            Show your appreciation for what your
George Taufman, Safety Inspector.                 Union has done and square up your dues. This
includes all non-members who are getting the
benefits accruing from our union.
Be sure to notify Bill Haburt's office
at once if you have a change in your Draft            There will be a meeting tonight, so come
Status, or if you make ady change of address.     there to do your crying instead of around the
yard. And this is also a special invitation to
If you wish a ride to work, or wish to      those men who gripe around the yard that they
swap rides with other drivers, leave your        can better the place by changing our Union.
name, address and phone number in the BULLE-     To them we say:   'Be man'enough to come to a
TIN BOX in the clock house.                      meeting and voice your opinion.'

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