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Appleton review
Vol. 1, no. 27 (July 18, 1930)

Appleton review. Vol. 1, no. 27: July 18, 1930,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (13.6 MB)

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.. . . .._ _w__ _V
  Local members  of  the  Walthe
  League are planning to attend th
  eleventh  annual  convention  of   th
  narthern district of Wisconsin whict
  be held at Shawano August 2 ani
  The board of review will be in see
sloe after August 4.
  The Wisconsin Commercial Fisher
mea at its annual convention at Por
Washington last week went on record
as favoring a closed season.
The county  highway  police made
several arrests over the week-end. Ear:
Reeder of Michigan was fined $10 and
costs for passing a car on a curve;
David Keefe of DePere paid the same
ain for reckless driving on highway 41;
Lloyd Bungert of Greenville paid $10
and costs for reckless driving through
a picnic ground. Other violators were
arrested for jumping arterials and for
driving with open cutouts.
Congressman George Schneider has
returned from  Washington   and   will
maintain his old office at 125 E. Col-
lege avenue during the summer months.
Receipts at the local postoffice for the
first six months of 1930 amounted tc
$174,940.90, just $2,128.72 more than
during the same period of the previous
Stephen Balliet and Gustav Keller,
Sr., attended a meeting of democrats of
the ninth congressional district held at
Green Bay Tuesday.
Two fifteen-year-old boys who had
run away from their home in Wheeler,
Usich., to see the world, were picked up
by the local police and returned to their
Rudolph Maas, who was arrested by
local police in Mike Hilkowitz' ware-
heuse last week, was sentenced to six
months imprisonment on the charge of
3trs. Nellie Harriman, assistant cata-
lager at the public library, has returned
fram California where she attended
the annual convention of the Ameri-
ta Library association and visited her
$01 Prank, who has been out there for
sone time.
District Attorney  Staidl, who has
been on the sick list following an op-
estiau for appendicitis, has returned
to Work.
Stwo-story addition is being built
athe St. Therese convent.   The first
loor will be used as school rooms and
tie tecond floor will provide additional
arters for sisters of the convent.
XT8. Pearl Yates, 912 N. Oneida
qOreet, was fined $15 and costs for dis-
ordrly conduct at a  dance hall in
Little Chicago. When arrested she pt
up such a fight that it required th
combined efforts of four mem to lift he
into the car in which she was brough
to Appleton.
   Dr. J. B. MacLaren and F. G. Moyl
 attended a two-day session of Rotar
 presidents and secretaries at Wiscon
 sin Rapids last week.
 The various rural school districts ii
 Outagamie county held their annua
 meetings Monday evening as require(
 by the state law.
 Sydney M. Shannon has announce(
 that he will again be a candidate for
 clerk of courts.
 The two east corners at the intersee
 tion of N. Oneida and North streeti
 have been widened for greater safety
 to traffic. The shrubbery on the corner
 of the high school grounds has also
 been removed.
 Mayor Goodland, C. D. Thompson and
 Fire Chief McGillan were in Madison
 Monday for a conference with the tax
 and industrial commission.
 The fire department was called to a
 house on N. Morrison street Monday
 afternoon where children playing witt
 matches had started a fire. The dam-
 age was slight.
 The Oney Johnston post of the Ameri-
can Legion is making plans for the
state convention at Sheboygan August
18, 19 and 20. The high school band
and the float used by the Legion in
the local Fourth of July parade will
probably also be taken. Delegates to
the convention are Les Smith, H. H.
Helble, Clarence Baetz, A. C. Bosser,
E. L. Madisen, C. A. Sparling, Harold
Miller, A. B. Scheurle and Carl Becher.
  Frank Wiegand and Robert Daugher-
ty, both of Appleton, were fined $50
and costs and had their drivers' li-
censes revoked for six months when
they were found guilty of drunken
Malachai Ryan, president of Com-
bined Locks, has been named one of the
33 district vice presidents of the Wis-
consin League of Municipalities. An-
on Jansen, president of Little Chute,
s vice president of the league and
Mayor Goodland of Appleton is a mem-
ber of the taxation committee.
The drawbridge on S. Oneida street
was closed to traffic Wednesday while
epairs were being made to the ma-
A section crew is busy fixing up the
rossings of the Northwestern road in
ur town, which will be welcome news
o motorists.
The new Tom Thumb golf course re-
ently opened at the corner of Su-
erior and W. Franklin streets, has
News Raviou,,
A Digest of Events and Trends for Busy People
caught on with local fans, just as has
been the case through-out the country
The course is constantly crowded wit]
fans, eager to do a little practicing.
  It has been decided to liquidate the
assets of the Bank of Hortonville which
went into the hands of the state bank
ing commissioner on March 24.
              * if i
  Koepke Bros. have been awarded the
contract to pave the road in Dane coun-
ty from Mayville to Leroy. The con-
tract price is $55,208.
  The various breeders' associations of
the county are planning a big picnic to
be held in Black Creek on July 30,
when the Soo line's "Better Sires"
rain visits that village.
 A special ship was chartered by the
government to transport colored Gold
Star mothers to France.
The official population of the St.
Louis area is put at 1,289,341.
The Gustave Dreyfus traeasured Ital-
an renaissance art collection, valued at
5,000,000, is coming to this country
urchased by Duveen brothers. Medals
Lnd plaques in the collection are con-
idered to be the most beautiful and
omplete in the world. There is a splen-
Lid polychrome bust by Donatello, a
erra cotta ascribed to da Vinci, and
he works of some of the greatest sculp-
ors and painters.
The purchase of 100,000,000 bushels
f wheat by the farm board in an ef-
ort to stabilize this product was ad-
ocated by   Senator Capper, arguing
hat the government could not lose any
noney at present prices and he believed
t would help to improve conditions.
Prompi Sye.eo
  Five promiuem; Kale      City  men
were I1ile4 in a ,4ane crash in Texas
last week.
  President Hoover has formally re-
fused to submit to the senate the secret
documents bearing on the London naval
limitations treaty and thereby precipi-
tated another conflict between the ad-
ministration and the senate.
  Two persons were killed and two
more hurt when their automobile top-
pled over a 65-foot embankment near
Fontana, Wis., as they were returning
from a dance at Delevan Lake.
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