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Appleton review
Vol. 1, no. 11 (March 28, 1930)

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4                                                 APPLETON REVIEW       
Appleton Review
  A weekly publioation for the people of Appleton,
  owited, edited, and printed by Appleton people.
EDITORIAL STAFF-Erik L. Madison, Paul V. Cory, Jr.,
               and B. J. Meyer
SOCIETY EDITOR--Mrs. L. A. Boetticer, Phone 4495-J
     Midwest Publishing Co., Publishers
800 E. Colleg Ave.             Appleton, Wis.
               Telephone 888
Subscription Priee--2.00 a Year
     Payable in Advance
Vol. 1.-No. 11              March 28, 1930
  Election Day will be next Tuesday, a day
of duty and privilege for every voter. We
must decide who shall be our mayor, who
shall sit on the city council, and who shall
represent us on the county board.
  We must also decide whether, one year
hence, we wish to continue under the mayor-
aldermanic form of city government, or
change to the manager-council system.
  It thus becomes doubly necessary that ev-
ery citizen give thoughtful consideration to
this civic duty, to his relation to the present
problems of city government. The import-
ance of a right attitude, integrity, experience
and sound judgment in any candidate for
public office cannot be ignored. We need the
best men we can get, no matter what the
system. The importance of thoroughly in-
forming himself on civic issues, careful delib-
eration, good judgment and right motive is
the bounden duty of every voter.
  A statement made several years ago by
Moses Hooper, pioneer attorney of Oshkosh,
is recalled by many of his friends. Mr.
Hooper said that when he went to the polls
he always took off his hat and did his voting
with his head uncovered, because he consid-
ered it and made it a sort of solemn sacra-
  May we profit by this demonstration of
true citizenship by approaching the opportu-
nity of our own franchise with due respect,
after an example well worth the emulation of
the rising generation of voters.
  Three candidates are in the field for jus-
tice of the supreme court. They are John W.
Reynolds of Green Bay, Raymond J. Cannon
of Milwaukee and Justice Chester A. Fowler,
of Fond du Lac. The latter was circuit judge
in Fond du Lac for twenty-four years and is
seeking election on his record. That record
is one of such upright dealing and clear cut
decisions that there can be no question of his
  During the past weeks we have endeavored
to make clear to our readers the excellent
progress our city has made under its alder-
manic government. Few cities can show a
better record of steady and even progress and
'accomplishment. Only a few months ago the
leaders of the movement for a change to the
city manager form were pointing with pride
to the accomplishments of our administration.
Virtually all of the men who were members
of the city administration at that time are
still serving the city in the same capacities.
This fact alone should be sufficient to per-
suade the voters to mark an emphatic "No"
in the referendum next Tuesday.
  Here the voters will be called upon to de-
cide whether they wish to retain the members
of the present administration or whether
they want to make a change.
  Mayor Rule is a candidate for reelection
and John Goodland, Jr. is opposing him. Mr.
Goodland is basing his claims to election upon
the record made by the city during his ad-
ministration as mayor in 1925. He will un-
doubtedly poll a heavy vote.
  Alfred C. Bosser is candidate for reelection
as city attorney. He has made an excellent
record and his advice and guidance have been
of great value to the council. His opponent
is F. F. Wheeler, who has never held a public
office, is a stranger to the great majority of
our readers, and has yet to demonstrate that
he possesses the qualities which would en-
title him to aspire to the office which he seeks.
On his record Mr. Bosser is entitled to re-
election and will undoubtedly be successful.
  George Peotter is a candidate for reelection
as city assessor. His record during his term
in office has been excellent and has shown
him to be fully qualified for the duties of that
office. His previous training fitted him for
the office and he has improved on that by an
earnest and thorough study of every prob-
lem brought before him. His opponent is
F. P. Young, well known to the citizens of
Appleton in various capacities. We doubt
however, whether his training and experi-
ence have been such as to be of any special
value to him in the assessor's office, where he
would have to learn everything from the
ground up. The voters are not likely to make
a change in the management of the assessor's
  Herman Holtermann is opposing Fred E.
Bachmann for city treasurer. He will un-
doubtedly have hard sledding, as Mr. Bach-
mann has performed the duties of that office
for a great many years in so thorough and
satisfactory a manner, that the voters are not
likely to make a change.
  Three commissioners are to be elected to
the school board. There are six candidates.
The fifth and sixth wards have never had
any representation on the board since the
adoption of the union school system and are
working hard for the election of John Traut-
mann, who comes from that end of the city.
Mr. Trautmann and Seymour Gmeiner, who
is a candidate for reelection, will undoubtedly
lead the field. C. T. Mace has the endorse-
Ryan is well known to the citizens of
ton. But the women voters are likel,
member that two women, Frances H.
and Hildegarde McNieseh, are also can
and this fact makes a forecast rather
            THE ALDERMEN
  In the first ward Mike Steinhauer is
didate for reelection and is opposed I
ence Zelie. Mike is a hard worker, b
Clarence who is out to give him a r
C. D. Thompson has no opposition
election as alderman from the second
  In the third ward Cornelius Crow4
posing George T. Richard, the presen
man. Richard will undoubtedly be re
In the fourth ward the voters will I
choose between George Brautigam, th
ent alderman, and C. J. Wassenberg,
opposing him. In the fifth ward
Priebe is opposed by Richard Groth.
sixth ward Richard Reffke, the pres
cumbent, is opposed by Harvey Kittne
latter is a member of thse well known Brett
schneider Furniture company and ranks a
one of the energetic and progressive young
business men of the city. His chances o:
election are excellent.
  Now we have said our little piece and
made our forecasts. The results next Tues
day will show how near we have come to hit
ting the mark. But whatever the result, n(
matter who is elected to the various city offi
ces, we promise them the sincere support and
cooperation of the Review as long as they
demonstrate that they are working whole
heartedly for the interests of the city.
  The same thing applies to the result of the
referendum. Should the unexpected happer
and the voters decide that they want to make
a change and try the city manager form, the
Review pledges its earnest and sincere co
operation and will lend its every effort to
make the new form successful.
  And so we hope every voter will go to the
polls and register his opinion, so that the de.
cision may be truly a decision of the major
ity and no room be left for fault-finding be.
cause the decision was made by a small num.
ber of the voters.
  Vote as your judgment dictates. But vote!
  There is a pretty Indian legend that tells
of the birth of the arbutus under the gentle
ministrations of the Summer Goddess, who
warmed the frozen leaves of the tree that had
been the tepee of the Winter Manitou, and
breathed into them new life and fragrance.
Then she left them as a sign that should tell
the children, says Nature Magazine, that the
Winter Manitou was no more and summer
had come to reign in his stead. Better known
are the simple verses of Whittier in reference
to the joy of the Pilgrims at finding in the
new and inhospital land a substitute for the
Mayflower they had left behind in old Eng"
land. And "Mayflower" it is to this day iP
our country districts, and the appointed State
March '
ent of the Trades k. T-bor Council Tho as flo er of Massar-b-setts

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