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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's Appleton city directory 1925. Containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens of Appleton, a miscellaneous directory of city, county and village officers, banks, buildings, churches, colleges, schools, secret and benevolent, trade and social organizations, etc. Also improved street and avenue guide, and householders' directory of Appleton, a "buyers' guide" and a complete classified business directory

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Page 76

   A natural by-product of the Directory business is the
   compilation of Mailing Lists. If interested, ask for our
   Free "List of Mailing Lists."
 76             WRIGHT DIRE!CTORY CO.'S
 'Abel Oscar (Anna) carp h918 ((685) S Walden av
Abendroth Elmer hlpr Auto Maintenance Co res I F D 4
Abendroth Esther Mrs looper Steinborg Knitting Mill r
     1204 WN' Brewster
 Abendroth Fred C (Josephine) pharm Downer Drug Co hi
     744 (518) E Eldorado
 Abendroth Geo A (Viola E) textile wkr Fox River Valley
     Knitting Co h1327 (1339) W Rogers av
 Abendroth Ida (wid John) h744 (518) E Eldorado
 Abendroth Irma V sten r215 (735) E Winnebago
 Abendroth Julius concrete blk mkr Gochnauer Concrete
     Products Co h836 (470) E Commercial
 Abendroth Otto (Zetell) wire weaver h225 (667) N Lawe
 Abendroth Paul (Lucia) mgr h704 (830) N Superior
 Abendroth Robert A (Martha) formn h409 (719) N Meade
 Abendroth Selma F (wid Frank 0) v-prin Franklin Sch r
     215 (735) Winnebago
 Abendroth Wm lab h1310 (188) S Mason
 Abraham Margt instr High Sch r721 (1065) W Front
 Abraham Nellie B (wid Henry W) h721 (1065) W Front
 Abraham Win R engr Appleton Engr Co
 Acheson Floyd A (Lydia) driver DeBaufer Oil Co h1225
     (1287) W Spencer
 Achtenhagen Olga instr High Sob r117 (777) E Harris
 Acker Geo (Eliz) soft drinks 525 (985)) WV College av I
     835 (1131) W 5th
 Acker Hugh (Mary) saw filer h514 (756) N Center
 Ackerman Elsie tchr Pub Sch r207 (653) N Lame
 Ackerman Lee W (Rose) slsmn h630 (1040) W Summer
 Ackerman Wm D horticulturist h1'818 (921) S Kernan av
 Ackmann Lloyd F (Louise) sta eng b1019 (1203) W Spring
 Ackmann Milton J attdt DeBaufer Oil Co r906 (1150) 'V\
 Ackmann Orville A (Theresa) attdt DeBaufer Oil Co h933
     (1177) W Superior
 Acme Body Works (J M Braun) es Freedom rd 1 n 2d av
 Acord Lester G (Lyda) h802 (1108) W Spring
     (790) E College ay, Phone 4161
 Adams Augusta (wid Chas A) h920 (1164) W Lawrence
 Adams Edw (Lorena) mach hlpr Appleton Coated Paper
    Co h1415 (1053) N Alvin
 Adams Henry (Martha) lab h920 (1166) W Prospect av
 Adams Hilda elk Aid Assn for Lutherans r920 (1164) W
Adams Ida elev opr Insurance bldg r920 (1164) W Lav-
Adams Lorena E knitter Zwicker Knitting Mills r1415
     (1053) Alvin
O -
-) LIZ

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