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The Emerald: the Waterford Union High School annual
(May, 1972)

Faculty and academics,   pp. [6]-[7]-22

Page 18

AS one grows, one discovers that 
somethings need special care and special 
training. The child needs a helping hand 
and love to walk, the senior citizen needs 
a little understanding and an open heart. 
In Drivers Education, special care was 
given so that the students would be cap- 
able of operating and handling an auto- 
mobile safely on the road. Time and 
patience transformed this natural desire 
into practical use and proper handling. 
Special Education also provided a tender 
touch to the growth of the mind along with 
special attention to difficulties and the 
abilities which seem most outstanding in 
each individual. 
Growing up and learning always re- 
quire that "something special" to make it 
all worth trying for and memorable. All of 
us remember a time when someone gave 
usT ou  w  oenigseiit 
JOSEPH HITFORDus our on something special that 
JOSEPH wHrrFORD             helped make our way a little easier. It's 
that reaching out to help another which 
makes a difference in our growth. A dif- 
ference which will last through our 
When someone touches your heart, 
They also touch your mind. 
For all the miles we travel apart, 
No closer friend can I find. 
You've given me "That Something Special", 
To warm me on a cold winter's night. 
You helped me after my first fall. 
You taught me how to stand and fight. 
I've learned to care for people like you, 
To know who I am and what I can be, 
To know what to say and what to do, 
To know what it means to find the 
"That Something Special" 

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