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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. V, No. 11 (January 1901)

Editor's notes,   pp. 33-34 ff. PDF (516.4 KB)

Page 33

To all the readers of The Wisconsin Horticulturist a 
Happy New Year. 
The "coming century" has come. We are the twenti- 
eth century people. We-can no longer make twentieth cen- 
tury prophecies; we must now make twentieth century his- 
We finished the "copy" for the January Horticulturist 
before starting to the Annual Meeting. When we return 
from Oshkosh the magazine will be ready for mailing. 
The February Horticulturist will be the Convention 
Strawberries from Florida and California are begin- 
ning to appear in the New York market, seventy-five cents 
per quart. 
Another graduate of our Agricultural College is teach- 
ing an Indian School in Washington, Mr. Jensen. We hope 
to hear from him soon. 
Now is the time to renew your subscription to The 
Wisconsin Horticulturist. Many have already renewed. 
Notice our clubbing rates with the Weekly Wisconsin and 
The Orange Judd Farmer. 
To those who prefer our old premiums also hold good 
-your choice between a dozen fine strawberry plants or 6 
select gladiolus bulbs. 
The strawberry plants and bulbs sent out last year 
were very satisfactory. We received gratifying letters of 
commendation and thanks. 
Don't fail to read the letter in this number from R. C. 
Preston, a teacher in an Osage Agency Indian School. Mr. 
Preston is a graduate of the College of Agriculture, -Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin. 

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