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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. V, No. 11 (January 1901)

Report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association,   p. 31 PDF (235.5 KB)

Page 31

We have been much interested in the last annual report 
of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association which came toour 
desk several weeks ago. 
It contains the proceedings, papers, addresses and dis- 
cussions at the convention held in Watertown last winter, 
to which is added a very useful and complete index, thereby 
more than doubling the value of such a book. 
The association was organized in 1872, being the sec- 
ond oldest in the United States, and the present is its 28th 
annual report. Including the index there are 222 pages 
and every page has something on it which cannot fail to be 
of interest to dairymen. It could not well be otherwise 
when such. men as ex-Gov. Hoard, H. C. Adams, C. P. 
Goodrich, Profs. Henry, Haecker (of Minnesota),. Farring- 
ton, Woll, Carlyle and others were on the program, names 
too well known in dairy circles to make extended comment 
necessary. The association was also exceptionally fortu- 
nate in the new names added to its list of speakers. Espe- 
cially worthy of mention are the papers by Mrs. Adda F. 
Howie, a successful dairy woman of Elm Grove (near Mil- 
waukee) on Developing the Dairy Cow; by E. C. Bennet, of 
Iowaj on Watering the Dairy Cow, and Will Thomas, of 
Sheboygan Falls, on Organizing Dairy Boards of Trade. 
A copy of the report will be sent to each member of the 
association, who has paid the annual membership fee of one 
dollar, and to others who may care enough for it to send 
ten cents to the Secretary (G. W. Burchard, Fort Atkin- 
son, Wisconsin) to cover postage and cost of wrapping. 
Humor is like a healing to the wounds of life; wit, the 
surgeon's knife that would pare to the bone if essential, 
while sarcasm is the caustic which may eradicate an evil 
but leaves a scar behind. 

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