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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society. Proceedings, essays and reports at the annual winter meetings, held at Madison, Feb. 1, 2 and 3, 1870 and Feb. 7, 8 and 9, 1871
(1871 [covers 1870/1871])

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Judge KNAPP. There is no way to dispose of this subject but to obtain an
propriation from the legislature to carry it on, and he therefore moved to
refer the
matter to the committee to memorialize the legislature.
Mr. PLuMB approved of the object of the garden, which was as yet but an exper-
iment The horticulturists have done much that will be valuable to the state
the university, if not to this society. Scattered as its members were, its
ment presented many difficulties. He was therefore in favor of passing it
over to
the care of the regents and the professor of agriculture in the university.
The Secretary, on request of members, stated that there were about 1,500
and trees donated in 1868, and that in all there were about 2,000 of all
now growing on the grounds, and in good condition. He did not approve of
suggestion to hand this enterprise over to the university. That institution
could not
carry on the desired improvements, because the department of agriculture
now fully occupied with its systen of experiments.
Professor DANIELLS, of the University, suggested many reasons why the society
should continue the care of the garden. Among others was the fact that the
versity cannot, for want of means, carry on this work. As professor at the
head of
the department of agriculture, he had no time to do more than he was now
with, and could not think of carrying on this work.
Mr. Moazow said no one who had the opportunity of witnessing the work done
Professor DANIELLS would doubt the impossibility of his taking charge of
the gar-
den. He rather needed an assistant now, than that additional labor be cast
his department
On motion of Mr. KELLOGG, the subject was them referred.-to
the President, Recording and Corresponding Secretary, as a
committee to memorialize the legislature for an appropriation to
be expended in experiments on the experimental garden of the
Mr. L. K. SCOFIELD of Freeport, introduced the following,
preamble and resolution:
WHnZAS, In view of the fact that our native forests are rapidly disappearing,
supply the increasing demands of commerce, and that by careful calculation,
it is
estimated that before the present generation shall have passed away, our
source of supply, derived from the pine forests of Wisconsin and Michigan,
will have
been almost entirely exhausted, it becomes a matter of great national importance
to encourage the planting of firest trees, especially in our northwestern
states and
territories; therefore,
.uolrdv, That we deem it the duty of our national and state legislatures
encourage, by every means in their power, the general planting of forest
trees in
Our country, and that the members of congress from this state be requested
to take
such action, either by themselves or in conjunction with congressmen from

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