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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Fourteenth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wis., January 8th, 1901

Proceedings of the annual meeting held at Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 8th, 1901,   pp. [5]-6 PDF (306.1 KB)

Receipts,   p. 6 PDF (170.5 KB)

Disbursements,   p. 6 PDF (170.5 KB)

Association,   pp. 6-7 PDF (363.4 KB)

Page 6

quality. I am glad to hear, and state to you that nearly
every grower and member of this association is planting
more or less of the best varieties of berries grown in the
Treasurer M. 0. Potter filed his account, which was
referred to a committee, composed of Messrs. J. B. Arpin
and J. J. Emmerick, who later reported they had examined
same and found vouchers correct as below:
Jan. 22, 1900. Deposit by secretary .......... ...... S 5 50
Feb. 14, 1900. State money ......................... 250 00
Feb. 14, 1900. Deposit by secretary ............ .... 17 00
June 6, 1900. Deposit by secretary .........0.......
$273 00
Order No. 35. C. D. Searls, Ex. No. 2 ........... $ ..  2 52
Order No. 48. C. Briere, postage, etc ............... 12 39
Order No. SO. A. L. Fontaine, August report ....... 35 82
Order No. 51. M. Huser, weeding station No. 2 .....  6 22
Order No. 52. W. H. Fitch, postage and printing... 56 16
Order No. 53. W. H. Fitch, postage and printing .. 30 78
Order No. 54. James Gaynor, services and rent.... 62 91
Order No. 55. James Gaynor,lumber,posts and labor 13 86
Order No. 56. John Gaynor, livery and labor ....... 13 00
Order No. S7. A. L. Fontaine, January report ...... 30 00
Order No. 58. A. L. Fontaine, balance mailing list  7 00
Order No. 60. Wood Co. Drug Co., record book.....  2 75
5273 00
MELVIN 0. POTTER, Treasurer.
The secretary next presented the annual report. It was
referred to committee on printing and ordered published.
as follows:
The prominent features of the past year appear to have
The long picking season, and early disposition of yield
for cash, at shipping point.
The former allowed the crop to be gathered in a mature
and merchantable condition, and the latter relieved growers
of anxiety regarding damage from untoward weather.
As growers were disposed to take and buyers inclined
to give fairly remunerative prices, results on the whole
were satisfactory.
From correspondence received I have extracted the
following, bearing on different phases of the industry:
Wisconsin-ic 28) ' I think if our association is to bene-

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