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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 7,   pp. [145]-168 PDF (9.3 MB)

Page 168

_           ..
  168                      WISCONSIN FARMIM AND
              T~~iUIT~~~iTTCI         I ~~ 500 dozen Handkerchials. warranted
all linen at 6c.
 G  LOR      IOUS        NEW       S!\|S    I T(gether with a general assortment
of Gloves,
                       ________          I ~~C01lars, Edging., and Insertings,
Sleeves. Laces
       R   sIsEY & nBRoThER,               of all Ikinds, also a large
assortment of Jewelry,
       NEVER SURRENDER!!                 Booti, Shoes', Paper Hangingst,
Crockery, anda
                                           large stock of Domestic Goods,
io Thousand Dolfars worrth Of New Goods Received  Together with iOOO to 30oO
other "cicGeO too nu-
              within te dAys.              merous to mention.
                       _-                   A WORD TO CO UNTR Y MERCHA9NT8
rHE peopte of Janesaille, are perhaps the most         AND PREDDLERS.
r fortunate of any in Wisconsin. The sirstem  We will sell you goods for
cash cheaper than any
of low prices adopted and carr ed out by the under- other firm, in this State
or Illinois. To Millintcrs,
,igned from the eommencement of their business we have a complete assortment
of Millinery Goods
to the present time, has been of incalculable beue- of the moat modern fabilica
and styles, pattern Hate,
It to all who have had the wisdom to reap its ad- Cloaks and Dresses. Laces.
Crapes, Tarlatan,
rantages. " Solitary and alone" have we act the Straw Trimmings,
and braids, Rattans, covered
hill in motion which hls produced the great revo- whalebones shapes and crowns,
which we will
Ilion ill prices throughut the whole state. The guarantee to sell to the
trade at the lowest prices
act and ability with which our extensive and daily for cash.
acrett ing business is managed. has been the sub-  IT One of the firm will
devote his whole time
ect of remark in the mercantile circles of the lar- to the purchasing of
goods this season so the cns-
*st towns iD the state, until the names of M'KEY  toiner. will have the advantages
of every fall in
£ BROTHE;R, have become as familiar a. house- the market.
hold words, in all quarters. Tbe great secret of  Remember the Place, first
door North of San-
our success ir the fact that          -    born's Drug Store, Main Street,
          WE BUY FC7R CAdSH,                                         M'KEY
& BRO.
Which gives us t advantage of from 25 to 50 per  Janesville, July, 152.
cent over hose who buy on credit. We live            TABLE OF COINTl.
cheaper than our competitors, which of course, en-
able3 us to sell cheaper. We do                                         
         A LARGEER BUSINESS,               Things in Illinois.-Raisiog Calves..
Which is another substantial reason why we can Remarks on the Nutritive value
of the Corn
afford goods Chesper than small Dealers. Our    Cob-A Remedy fr Worm in Sheep
customers, too, are of the substantial character- CleARe      dvfrW     msiShp...14
the bone and siaew of the country. We Can say. Motion of Sap in Trees .147
sUysationay, no establishment in this state, ever Grade or Subsoil Flow,
Asd sac c- -mamrs. The exquisite taste exhibited  Fruitage.-Poultry and Eggs
   -      149
in the selection of ourPlant............                                
      .... lS0
ts another powerful attraction to our establishment  Patent Indestructible
Water Pipes, [Illustra-
Thus we go o0    - conquering and to conquer,"  ted. ]-Roman Markets
while our competitors are driven. like feathers in a The Guinea Hien or Pintado.
- Telling the
tale. every few montls adding new recruits to the  Truth ..... 152
11combined foreee,1' until their name is now 1,Le-
gion.9  Now to the conalusion ofDthis matter-we The Horse-Want of Appetite.-Fruit
Trees. 153
are in receipt of the                      Superficial Farming.-New Virtue
in Coffee.-
  LARGEST STOCK OF SPRING GOODS!              My Favorite Manures.-Cochineat
Irer brought ineto  Wisconsin. Comprising a varie- Novel Etiplorment of India
Rubber.-A Short
ty unequalled by any former purchases. The nar-  Lecture to Young Men and
to Young Wo-
row limits of an advertisement wil not admit of a
description. The stock must be seen to be appre-men, too                
ilated. We are prepared to show the following:            HowricoLsriI.
100 pieces Dress Bilks, sil colors, at 68 cents, in Brief Horticultural Notes-No.
6.1'    6
  other stores, $1.                         Burnt Bones for the Pear Tree.
- Qiuinca
  50 pieces Black do  at 50 cts., mind that Ladies.  Love SaIL-Potash a Proper
Food for Grape
500 pieces assorted  aded Poplins, at 28 cents,  Vines.-Mulching Tomatues.-Leaf
  eo t t imprt 45 cts.                        on the Pear and Plum-Louise
Bonne of J-
500 piienes  ummer De Laies,  6 to 11 Ct.., in oth- soy. -- Caution in Applying
Salt to Fruit
  r setores, 18 to 25 Cstn                   Trees.-Grafting Vines..;.; 
  . .;.. 157
           500 iecs Bzeg de ame, al nw stles chap-Budding or Inoculating.
Eillustrated.] .....158
  er than in any other  store in the world.   Fiesh Manure not Good for the
Vine .       159
10,000 yards Printed Lawns, from 6j eta, upwards. Flute Budding and Annular
Budding, fillustrs-
|| 10,000 y s Caticoes, from 3 cents, up.     ted.]-Prnning and Budding Knives,
  A1 genral assortment of                   ted ]-Giese Your Trees..... 160
Blacki Blue, Green, Braand Oive French Broad Communications.      .     
      .    161
       C7oths, from 75 CCts to e 3 per yard.   Chickens Vs the Curculio.-C
hidham   Wheat.-
 |100 pieces Kentucy Jeans, 15 etr, per yard.    Rain Water the Purest in
Nature .......... 162
 11100 piecesheep. Gray at 37  eta. worth 75 et.s  Manufacture of Zinc Paints
in New Jersey.-
 50SO   piees assorted sutmmer Situ for Coats,Pants, Noiee   Carriage Wheels
and Horse Sboes.163
 11 V oing,&.                                           SIDUCATIOVAL.
 ||  1000 Ladie' Bonnete  heaper tham i any house in School Celebrations
 Pen ania Commoin
   11 Amvriee.                                Sch ols.-Edut onin the UTaited
 30 yards Ribboas                                          Zorrous TAUI.

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