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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 7,   pp. [145]-168 PDF (9.3 MB)

Page 167

1852.                NORTHWf]STERN CULTIVATOR.                          
this stock, and those acqusinted with the price of tisement of J. Turnbull,
Racine, in our advertis-
imoported stock, will see at once that this purchase, in department. Mr.
T.'s facilities for procuring
t~lether with the transportati    Was attendetd |lumber, an'1 manficturing
with the most improy-
   togetherwithbte trxnporains,  wasm tatteoded  ed machinery, enables him
to turn out superior
with no inconsideral exesasmta        ol      k, and sell at lower prices
than any otheres
,,tonish those in the habit of buying cattle for tablishment in the State.
We would advisa all,
The o lrm$5  ers no  aea    potnt      oi-i      at of anythig in his line
to give him a call,
prove their stock, and we confidently expect that if they would corsulttheir
o  wn h intnrests
Sheboygan County will produce a ore fine blood.   where you will find Thos.
Harvey's Steam Plan-
cattle than any oterintheState.             ing Machine. You vvill find himat
all times,
This effort tointoducegoodst[Sheoygan Mercury.  prepared to sell you dressed
flooring and siding,
Tsa Cfountyo istromedable, anod woc hnop theb   well Seasoned, at about the
same prices you ca
r Countr it remmg  n will ot be slow to takeaed- purchase it for in the rough,
from the yards. It is
bintee on th.egponity to ipoe their bd, economy to procure lumber dressed
by machinery,
vasontage of the opportunity to imnprove their breed as it is less expensive,
better done, lighter to trans-
of nest cattle.                                                e  o   hnwre
  | The example should be followed by other parts port, and makes a better
ob w or    up.
  o  e ou xSampe, snihmrvmn I  iil    nee      OILS, PAINTS, &c.-Look
out for 137 Main St.,
ofor f tarm te, hopetol smpooemnt Ise thibe nondesrip  (our old head quarters,)
where you will find Lang-
r   o fara. We hope to soot see the nonuerd  it lois on band with as good
a stock of Paints Oils,
breedhaenhi~aenmeedwt                       Glas, Putty, Window Shades, &c.,
&c., as the     '
the things that vere.                       most fastidious need select from.
Mr. L. is aprac-
  M'Krzy & BnoTarEL-See the advertisement of tical pointer, nud understands
how to select genu-
WK  ry & Brother. If you want to buy goods      inc articles inbis aline.
He sells none other, and
cheap and in endless variety, give them a call. atlowprices.
They are in daily receipt of heavy invoices ofB  AD     -    R   IE.A   
    P   IS
heJ gooe ad sles-buy and sell for ready pay, B AD    G     R    R    U  
PE     ts
belie ing in the old tnaxim-" a nimble sixpence rFHESE Reapers, in their
form and the princi-
is better than a slow shilling."             I  pls upon which they
work, are the same as
  NEW SODA Fourcr.-Those who want a glass of bhose manuficturend by BRER
      LO    i  Bn M v a,
  soda of the first proof, will find it at the Phila- where improvement was
necessary, and
  delphia Drug Store, opposite the Stevens House.          FULLY TESTED
  Mr. Ogilvie, the gentlemanly conductor of this es- in dry and wet grain
since those variations were
  tablishment, has fitted up a new Soda Fount, with made, performing to the
satisfaction of all present.
                                                The undersigned has now on
hand the above
 |all it paraphanalia, in tip top style, including a Reapers at the old Foundry
in Beloit, which he
 cataloue of Syrups " to numerous to mention."  offers for sale
on liberal terms, either for cash or
   TUn BADGER Reorrt.RWe would call the spe- apprHEY      WILL BE     WARR
 cida I attention of farmers to the advertisement of to do as good work in
all respects as any other
 | the Badger Reaping Machine. From the testimo- machine in use, and no pay
will be expected nin-
 ny we have received from a number of farmers in less they thus perform.
 Wisconsin and Illinois, who have used them, we   Those who wish an article
of the kind will do
              is d                         ~   ~~~~~~~~well to call and examine
before purchasing else-
  are srongly inclined to the opinion, that they are where, as he is determined
that 17 no  ne wahe
  the best norw in use. At the last Rock Coun- buys of him shall be dissatisfied.
  ty Far this Reaper received the first premiLnS, and  Beloit,  June,  1852.
  P. A.  ORTON.
  the secend. at the State Fair, held at the same time;   v. JOUALNNEAULT-S
  while the first premium was awarded to another. FRENCH       VARIETY  
  This reversal or difference of opinion, between  Coner opposte   e merin
      So   E J
  the State and County Committees, we consider no               yoile, Wisc
  disparagemeent to the Badger Reapers, as like de-   J- Keeps constantly
On hand a Wi -_'d 5p |
  cisions were made in regard to other things enter-  , assortment of scool
books andt    -
  ed for premiums, at the tme Fairs. Ii is a notori- tions. plain and fancy
stationary, m
  eus fet, that many of the Committees of the ments, jewelry, perfumery,
cutlery, come,* and
  state Society, were mjw~i4jqusly selected. A  brushes of all kinds. Gamnes
and toysalsogloves,
  tember of onet ofere        to-tu Z   uslethat he spender, cravats, handkerchiefs,
thread, silk
  aember of one of them.       to s, thtons i gret           ariety. Ribbons,
fans, laces-
  knew no more of the relW  me4t of some arti- cigars, tobacco, candies.
blackinr, matches;  a a
  cles upon which he passed, than the man in the word, the best assortment
of Yankee  nond to be
             allow                          ~   ~~~~~~~~~found in town. Give
him a call. Ladies and Gkea-
                                               tlemen even if you don'tmean
to buy; 1Ftreocb-
    Doos, SAsM, BLINDS, &c.-The attentionwof all, man will feel happy
to see yon sad show yoa his
  in  t  of fachi in  sdisireta to the adver-    . BCuh fo rag.

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