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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 6,   pp. [121]-144 PDF (9.4 MB)

Page 144

144                      WISCONSIN FARMER, AND                          
   | ECoNoM AND Co=vzNIENc- nA very
I et  ar eri  oe -t  o  went6a u uuu
JUST received at J. R. BEALE'S Hat and Cnp
   Manufactory and Fur Store, oR the West Side
Lb. Rver,
mnr brought into this market, embracing every va-
rietv of style and material.
Menu' Molelkin, Silk, Black and White Beaver
Hats; Kosusth, Panama. Leghorn, SLraw, Palm
Leaf. &c.. &c., for summner wear.
For Boys-Plain and Fancy, consisting of every
rariety to be found in the eastern market.
 A fall assortment, too numerous to mention.
 Ladies wishing riding hats can find them here
 and no where else.
 Hats made to order, to exactly fit the head.
 Leghorn and Panama Hats bleached and presed
over in the beat btfle.
As my purchases are made with the design of
continuing a permanent business in this place, the
publia may rely upon my goods being first-rate
  Any wishing to buv, will do well to call at the
aigo Of the SIG HAT, beforei purchasing elsewhere.
T HE subariber has lately made additions to the
   maebinery in his
           WOOLEN FACTORY,
making it the largest and best establishment in the
State: and having, at great pains. secu ed the
moet experienced workmen, is prepared to mauu-
fantre all kinds of Broad and Narrow  Woolen
Goods, on better terms than can be done at any
other factory.
  lie will take the wool in the fleece ani manufac-
tare it into any kind of cloth desired, at the halves.
or will give the customer all the cloth the wool
Makes, for from 25 to 38 cents per yard. He has
en hand cloth, of his own manufac ture. of neariv
all kinds, to exchange for wool, or sell at whole.
ale er retail on such terms as make i t for the in-
tereet of all i want, tO tpatroniz him. He will al-
so pay the highest market price for good, cloan
wool in the fleece.
  farmers who pstronize this establishment, which
at gsat evpeane has been fitted up for their benefit
will sase some four or five commirstious and IhN
frieiht which is taken nut of them on all Weol ean
te the Rostera MArket, and the freight and the sev.
eral profis on the cloths they buy. The Factoro
Is new musitg night audday, and is prepared to do
by aman from Mum , of 20 year experience.
  work a this establlbhment shall be welt done
and thes cousing from a distance, by waiting, shal
have their rolb to take back with them. My ctotlN
we heavy, welt twisted, to wear, and warranted to
,do twie lbe service of these bought in the Easen
  t1.I Wanted ; Wo, goeep, Wool-grmsee, an,
_edy au kinds if Canatey Produce.
                          r. WITAUR.
  Javse  s. ane 1, 1. 8.1
neat farmner in one Ot the wesrernt CWUMltU0 L
NIew York, who has less than 50 acres, and
loes nearly all his work with his own hands,
accomplishes much by his ingenuity and eco-
---Icat           TX;. ivavl,..  i
n~lcaule cunrttiitVAMc AL  UIW]GAvv    w
chines, though of a cheap character, are kept
in the neatest order. His barnyard, nearly
encircled by his barns and other outbuildings,
lurirg the summer is near]. as clean as a
gravel walk. A cheap horse power, made by
a rope running on the outward ends of radia-
ting arms, drives a two horse threshing ma-
chine, a circular saw for cutting his wood, and
a small mill for grinding horse feed, and used
in churning and various other purposes. His
two horses are used for these purposes, when
not othrewise needed. His farm is not only
a pattern of neatness but is productive of much
solid cash-; he has a place for everythirg, and
everything in its place.     [Exchange.
Things in Illinois.-Carrots .................. 121
Manure fior Wheat.-tVultorC or -turnips .......M
Pnlverzinzg Soilr.-Fixing Ammonia in Soils. .121
Flax Puller (illnstrated).-Mnchine for Preser-
ving Butter ........................... 124
Pigs-Group of Chinese.-Parsnips .12
Plowing..                               126
Sowing Grass Seed.-The Mile of different Na-
  tions.1                  2
Self-Holding Breaking Plow, (illustrated).-
  New Variety of Potato.-Green Paint .   12
Salt forCattle-The benefit of Railroads to Far-
  mers .12
Double Furrower, (illustrated).-blaughtering
  Cattle -Preserving Shingles on Roof..   131
Horse-Head Shears. [illnstrated.] .13
American Pomological Congress.-The Weep-
  inf Willow.-Apple Ties Math, [illustrated.]
  Vegetable Serpent .13
Agriculture in Palestine.-Preserving Fruits in
  their own Juice .13
The White Native Grape. - Currants and
  Gooseberries.-The Orohatd* .............. 13
Shaded Flowersn Last LongesL-Cemmtuica-
  tien .IS
Sheep-Leicestershire. (illrted.]-Usful.
  neeatof Potetoee .............,13
Raising Gese .-Chanr of Grafted Fruit .... 13
Hard Water.-Draining in Indiana .13
Reading-Visits to Teachers' lnstitates.-New
  School Exerci.s.            ........... 13
Gall on Herses.-Hevevs in Hoerme   .    14
Osrdeninr.- Pta..                      14
Eurrna's Tax.................. ....... 14
KeU5       A&VE

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