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Theobald, H. Rupert; Robbins, Patricia V. (ed.) / The state of Wisconsin 1981-1982 Blue Book

Wisconsin political parties,   pp. [817]-854 PDF (13.7 MB)

Page 854

                                      Special Interests
  THE REPUBLICAN PARTY should strive to reduce the power of special interests
and in-
crease the influence of people in representative government.
   Money as wielded by the lobbying powers has replaced people as the dominant
force in political
campaigns. This has weakened representative government and lessened the influence
of individu-
als with their elected officials.
  This party will continue seeking ways to lessen the impact of special interest
influence in cam-
paigns and initiate programs which will enhance the individuals' impact on
the political process.
   THE REPUBLICAN PARTYis thankfulfor the job done by Wisconsin farmers and
Never have so few been asked to feed so many and deserved more rewards from
our society.
  Republicans acknowledge that the current state tax structure hurts rather
than helps agricul-
tural growth which will be necessary as more consumer demands are placed
on Wisconsin farm-
ers. The interspousal transfer and gift tax should be eliminated as it applies
to small family
business, including working family farms.
   We know that too many government rules, prohibitions and regulations have
worked toward
prohibiting production of quality produce at reasonable cost. The consumers
and farmers have
both suffered.
  A review of current regulations is in order and a sensitivity to the agricultural
community is
needed as future laws are considered. Let us free the farmer to serve society
as best farmers can.
                                      Senior Citizens
   THE REPUBLICAN PARTY understands our senior citizens" need to live
in a state of dignity
and to flnd a welcome economic and social climate here in Wisconsin. We will
direct our efforts to
help bring this about.
  When possible, the best life for senior citizens is an independent life.
Housing availability,
property tax relief, capital gains reform, medical care and its costs - all
must be viewed with this
independence a first priority.
  High standards in nursing home care and resident comfort must be encouraged
and enforced by
the state for those incapable of living independently.
                                    Come to Our Party
  THE REPUBLICAN PARTY believes that the people should participate more in
those deci-
sions which affect them and government must be more responsive to the citizens
it represents.
  Republicans believe that wherever possible the people most affected by
decisions of government
should be a part of the decision-making process. Whenever possible, less
government is better
government. The more locally decisions can be made and responsibility assessed,
the better.
  The Republican principle remains, "Let The People Decide."

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