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Toepel, M. G.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1962

Judicial branch,   pp. [549]-564 PDF (4.4 MB)

Page 558

                      Board of Circuit Judges
    HANSON, vice chairman.
    All circuit judges of the state and the judge of any court having
 unlimited jurisdiction concurrent with the circuit court either in
 civil or criminal matters constitute a board known as the board of
 circuit judges. They shall meet at least once in each year. They
 shall make rules and regulations not inconsistent with the statutes
 or the rules of practice adopted by the justices of the Supreme
 Court, to promote administration of the judicial business. The
 board elects a chairman to expedite the work of the judges. Every
 circuit judge shall report monthly to the chairman giving such
 information as he requests relating to the condition of judicial
 business in the circuit. Travel expenses of officers and members
 of the board are reimbursed by the state.
   The board designates a member to represent it on the Judicial
Council and the Administrative Committee for Court System.
                           County Courts
   A county court is now established in each county in the state
 except for the new county of Menominee which is attached to
 Shawano for judicial purposes and Forest and Florence counties
 which share a single full-time judge. Many counties have several
 branches of the county court, each with a presiding judge. As of
 January, 1962, 23 counties have more than one branch ranging in
 number up to 4 and one county (Milwaukee) has 12 branches.
 This makes a total of 114 county judges for the 72 counties when
 all the offices are filled. A number of new branches of county
 court were recently created to supplant the services of the old
special statutory courts and to handle increased judicial business.
   County judges are elected on a nonpartisan basis at the April
 election. The term of office is 6 years. All county judgeships are
 full-time positions. Previously, salaries of the county judges were
 set and paid by the respective county, but now salaries are fixed
 by statute to be a minimum of $12,000 annually. The state pays
 one-half of this amount and the county the rest. Counties may pay
 each county judge an equal additional amount, but not to exceed
 the highest paid circuit judge in the county. The judges' travel
 expenses are paid by the county when on judicial duty within the
 county and by the state when on duty in another county or attend-
 ing meetings as authorized by statute.
   The terms of the county court unless otherwise provided by
 statute shall be held the first Tuesday of each month except July
 or August. Court shall be held regularly at the county seat and

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