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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1952

Members of the legislature,   pp. [25]-72 PDF (17.1 MB)

Page 52

52                   WISCONSIN BLUE BOOK
      SCHILLING                MONSON                 CAVERS
      La Crosse, 2nd          Lafayette               Langlade
  HARRY AV. SCHILLING (Rep.) was born on September 21, 1887 in
Onalaska where he attended the public schools. In 1911 he was
graduated from the short course in agriculture, at the University of
Wisconsin. Since the age of seven he has resided on a farm and his
occupation has always been farming. The public offices which he has
held include director of the creamery board from 1916 to 1924, member
of the county board in 1922, member of the town board from 1924 to
1926, and director of the district school since 1931. Mr. Schilling was a
member of the assembly in 1935, 1937, 1947, 1949, and 1951. Home
Address: Route 1, Onalaska.
  La Crosse County, second district: The eighth, seventeenth, eighteenth,
and twenty-first wards of the city of La Crosse, and the entire county
outside La Crosse.
  MARTIN O. MONSON       (Rep.) was born on May 1, 1885 at Argyle.
After attending grade school he took a business course. At present he
is engaged in farming and road contracting, furnishing crushed rock for
roads, driveways, and concrete work and also ground limestone for
farms. For five years he has served as town chairman and county
board member. Mr. Monson is president and director of the Lafayette
Electric Co-op, and director of the Dairyland Power Co-op and the
Wisconsin Electric Co-op. This is his third term in the assembly. Home
Address: South Wayne.
  WALTER D. CAVERS (Rep.) was born on a farm near Lansing, Iowa,
on October 31, 1888. He attended the Iowa public schools and continued
his education at Wisconsin Business University in La Crosse. He has
held various positions With lumber companies and at present is operating
a real estate and insurance agency. His public offices include president
of the Village of White Lake, 1926-1937; member of board of education
for seventeen years; member of county board for eleven years; member
of county selective service board. Mr. Cavers is on the board of
directors of the Antigo Association of Commerce. This is his first term
in the assembly. Home Address: 307 Virginia Street, Antigo.

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