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Holmes, Fred L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1925

Biographical: U. S. senators, state officers, supreme court judges, state senators, members of assembly,   pp. [635]-[684] PDF (16.7 MB)

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                         BIOGRAPHICAL                            657
school for colleges in 1836 and still in existence. He read law In the
office of Judge Edward Lane, Hillsboro; admitted to the bar in his
native state; after admission went west under the advice of Horace
Greeley, but after three years in that wild country finally came to Wis-
consin in 1881 and in April, 1882, located at Bayfield, Bayfield county,
afterwards moving to Washburn where he has lived ever since. He
has held numerous local offices. In the September, 1924, primary he
was renominated for assemblyman, receiving a second time a majority
over two opponents and was elected in November without opposition.
He is a lawyer by profession. He served seven years on county board
and one year of that time on the Road and Bridge Committee.
    HOME ADDRESS: Washburn, Wis.
                        BROWN COUNTY
                   First District: City of Green Bay.
  MALCOLM A. SELLERS (Rep.) was born at Waukesha, Oct. 26, 1854.
He received a common school education at Waukesha, at Fort Howard,
now Green Bay, and then went into the lumber business with his father.
In 1883 he went to Arizona in the employ of the government as a postal
clerk in the railway mail service. He returned to Green Bay in 1891
and went into the livery business. He was deputy sheriff of Brown
county in 1895, rural mail carrier in 1903; from 1904-1906 superin-
tendent of the Brown county workhouse; from 1907 to 1911 mail con-
tractor of Green Bay, and from 1915 to 1918 again a mail contractor.
He has been a supervisor since 1904, except when superintendent of the
workhouse. He is at present a government mail inspector. Mr. Sellers
was elected to the assembly in November, 1924, without opposition, re-
ceiving 6,576 votes.
  HOME ADDRESS: Green Bay, Wis.
                        BROWN COUNTY
 Second District: All the towns, cities and villages in the county out-
 side of the city of Green Bay.
 GUSTAV J. ZITTLOW       (Rep.) was born Jan. 9, 1870, in the town of
 Lawrence, Brown county, was educated in the common schools and
 has devoted his life to farming. He is a breeder of purebred Holstein
 cattle. He Served as clerk of his school district from 1891 to 1909,
 treasurer of the South Lawrence Butter & Cheese Co., and secretary
 and treasurer of the Wrightstown local American Society of Equity
 since 1918. He was elected to the assembly in 1920, and was re-elected
 in 1922, and again in November, 1924, receiving 4,504 votes to 2,319 for
   HOME ADDRESS: West DePere, Wis.
   MARCELLUS DORWIN (Rep.) was born in the town of Durand, Feb.
 14, 1861, and received a district school education; one winter at Gales-
 yiule University, and one winter at the Northern Indiana School, Val-
 paraiso, Ind. He began as a miller in his father's flour and feed mill
 located in the Durand township, but at present is engaged in farm-
 ing. He has held the office of town chairman for 22 years and has
 been chairman of the Pepin county board of supervisors for 6 years.
 He was elected to the assembly in November, 192,4, receiving 4,508 votes
 to 354 for Nick Harmon.
   HOME ADDRESS: R. F. D. 2, Durand, Wis.

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