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The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1923

Federal government: president, cabinet, judiciary, U. S. senators, members of Congress, government in Washington, miscellaneous statistics,   pp. [675]-696 PDF (6.2 MB)

Page 695

Principal State Offices of the Several States-Continued
Treasurer and Receiver-Gen--James Jackson, Rep.
Auditor-Alonzo B. Cook, Rep.
Attorney-General-Jay R. Benton, Rep.
Governor-Alexander J. Groesbeck, Rep.
Lieutenant-Governor-Thomas Read, Rep.
Secretary of State-Charles J. DeLand, Rep.
State Treasurer- Frank E. Gorman, Rep.
Auditor-General-Oramel B. Fuller, Rep.
Attorney-General-Merlin Wiley, Rep.
Supt. of Public Instruction-Thos. E. Johnson, Rep.
State Highway Commr.-Frank F. Rogers, Rep.
Governor-Jacob A. 0. Preus, Rep.
Lieutenant-Governor-Louis L. Collins, Rep.
Secretary of State-Mike Holm, Rep.
Treasurer-Henry Rines, Rep.
Attorney-General-Clifford L. Hilton, Rep.
Governor-Lee M. Russell, Dem.
Lieutenant-Governor-H. H. Casteel, Dem.
Secretary-J. W. Power, Dem.
Treasurer-L., S. Rodgers, Dem.
Attorney-General-Frank Roberson, Dem.
Governor-Arthur M. Hyde, Rep.
Lieutenant-Governor-Hiram Lloyd, Rep.
Secretary of State-Charles U. Becker, Rep.
Auditor-George E. Hackmann, Rep.
Treasurer-L. D. Thompson, Rep.
Attorney-General-Jesse Barrett, Rep.
Superintendent of Schools-Chas. S. Lee, Dem.
Governor-Joseph M. Dixon, Rep.
Lieutenant-Governor-Nelson Story, Rep.
Attorney-General-Wellington D. Rankin, Rep.
Secretary of State-Charles T. Stewart, Rep.
Treasurer-J. W. Walker, Rep.
Auditor-George P. Porter, Rep.
Supt. Public Instruction-May Trumper, Rep.
Governor-Charles W. Bryan, Dem.
Lieutenant-Governor-Fred G. Johnson, Rep.
Attorney-General-0. G. Spellman, Rep.
Secretary of State-Charles W. Pool, Dem.
Auditor of State-George W. Marsh, Rep.
State Treasurer-Charles D. Robinson, Rep.
Governor-J. G. Scrugharm, Dem.
Lieutenant-Governor-M. J. Sullivan, Dem.
Secretary of State-W. Greathouse, Dem.
Treasurer-Edward Malley, Dem.
Comptroller-George Cole, Dem.
Attorney-General-M. A. Diskin, Dem.
                New Hampshire
Governor-Fred H. Brown, Dem.
Secretary of State-Edwin C. Bean, Rep.
State Treasurer-John Wesley Plummer, Rep.
                  New Jersey
Governor-George S. Silzer, Dem.
Secretary of State-Thomas F. Martin, Dem.
Treasurer-William T. Read, Rep.
Comptroller-Newton A. K. Bugbee, Rep.
                  New Mexico
Governor-James F. Hinkle, Dem.
Lieutenant-Governor-Jose A. Baca, Dem.
Secretary of State-Mrs. Soledad C. Chacon, Dern.
Attorney-General-Milton J. Helmick, Dem.
Auditor-Juan N. Vigil, Dem.
Treasurer-John W. Corbin, Dem.
Supt. of Pub. Inst'n-Miss Isabel L. Eckels, Dem.
Commr. of Public Lands-Justiniano Baca, Dem.
                   New York
Governor-Alfred E. Smith, Dem.
Lieutenant-Governor-George R. Lunn, Dem.
Secretary of State-James A. Hamilton, Dem.
Controller-James W. Fleming, Dem.
Treasurer-George K. Shuler, Dem.
Attorney5General-Carl Sherman, Dem.
                 North Carolina
Governor-Cameron Morrison, Dem.
Lieutenant-Governor-W. B. Coober, Dem.
Secretary of State-J. Bryan Grimes, Dem.
Auditor-Baxter Durham, Dem.
Treasurer-B. R. Lacy, Dem.
Attorney-General-J. S. Manning, Dem.
                 North Dakota
Governor-R. A. Nestos, Rep.-Ind.
Lieutenant-Governor-F. H. Hyland, Rep.-Ind.
Secretary of State-Thomas Hall, Rep.-Ind.
Treasurer-John Steen, Rep.-Ind.
Attorney-General-George F. Shafer, Rep.-Ind.
Agriculture-Labor-Jos. A. Kitchen, Rep.-Ind.
Auditor-D. C. Poindexter, Rep.-Nonp.
Governor-A. V. Donahey, Dem.
Lieutenant-Governor-Earl D. Bloom, Dem.
Secretary of State-T. H. Brown, Rep.
State Auditor-Joseph T. Tracy, Rep.
Attorney-General C. C. Crabbe, Rep.
State Treasurer-Harry S. Day, Rep.
Governor-J. C. Walton, Dem.
Lieutenant-Governor-M. E. Trapp, Dem.
Secretary of State-R. A. Sneed, Dem.
Attorney-General-George F. Short, Dem.
Treasurer-A. J. S. Shaw, Dem.
Supt. Public Instruction-M. A. Nash, Dem.
Governor-Walter M. Pierce, Dem.
Secretary of State-Sam A. Kozer, Rep.
Treasurer-F. L. Tou Velle, Dem.
Attorney-General-George M. Brown, Rep.
Governor-Gifford Pinchot, Rep.
Lieutenant-Governor-David J. Davis, Rep.
Secretary of State-Cyrus E. Woods, Rep.
Treasurer-Charles A. Snyder, Rep.
Auditor-General-Samuel S. Lewis, Rep.
                 Rhode Island
Governor-William S. Flynn, Dem.
Lieutenant-Governor-Felix A. Toupin, Dem.
Secretary of State-J. Fred Parker, Rep.
Treasurer-Richard W. Jennings, Rep.
Attorney-General-Herbert L. Carpenter, Dem.

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