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Hunter, Paul F. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1919

Biographical sketches,   pp. 451-508 PDF (17.7 MB)

Page 504

the Wisconsin Cheese Producers' Federation and
Federated Farmers' Warehouse Co., Plymouth.
He was re-elected to the assembly in 1918, re-
ceiving 1,926 votes to 1,659 for John H. Severin
(Soc.) and 826 for James Stokes (Dem.).
               TAYLOR COUNTY
  *L. W. GIBSON (Rep.) is a merchant and banker
of Medford, serving in his first public office. He
was born in La Crosse, May 31, 1872, was educated
in the public schools and Lawrence College, Ap-
pleton. He was president of the Jos. Gibson Co..
which engaged in logging and the manufacture
of lumber for 25 years. BIe has always taken a
deep interest in local, state and national politics
but never sought office until the fall of 1918 when
he was induced to become a candipiate for the
assembly and was elected, receiving 931 votes to
548 for John Gamper (Ind.) and 386 for Ferdinand
Duesing (Soc.).
  JOHN A. MARKHAM        (Rep.) is a nephew  of
George H. Markham, oldest surviving pioneer of
Trempealeau county, who served in the assembly
in 1879. Born on a farm at Independence, Trem-
pealeau county, Mr. Markham was educated in the
Independence high school and University of Min-
nesota, graduating from the law college in 1901,
since when he has practiced law at Independence.
He served as district attorney 1909 to 1913, and
village president 1915 to 1918. He organized the
Trempealeau Valley Poultry Association in 1913
and has been active in the poultry fraternity for
years, is now secretary of the association. He was
elected to the assembly in 1918, receiving 1,368
votes to 897 for Even A. Hegge (Dem.).
               VERNON COUNTY
  CLARENCE H. CARTER (Rep.), chairman of the
committee on transportation and member of the
committee on state affairs, was born in Vernon
county, May 19, 1875. He was educated in the com-
mon school and high school and has devoted his
time to the insurance business and the buying of
leaf tobacco. He has filled all of the village offices
of Readstown and was chairman of the county
board for three terms. He was elected to the as-
sembly in 1916 and re-elected in 1918 without
  * Died May 1, 1919.

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