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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's directory north Fond du Lac: W],   pp. 376-378

Page 377

                              The Largest 
HELMER MILLING C01.House in the 
14   WAT          N. FoND Du LAOc 377 [DMcrouz          WIN 
    Waters Frank, switchman, h 919 Michigan av. 
o    Watson James A. engnr. h 923 Michigan av. 
, FWatson Richard R. engnr. Soo Ry. h 631 Wisconsin av. 
     Weaver Juliette L. (wid. James) h 612 Illinois av. 
     Weaver Philip H. mach. Soo Ry. h 612 Illinois av. 
   . Weichman Paul, mach. 'h 519 Illinois av. 
   " Weir Clifford, car repairer, h 923 Wisconsin av. 
     Weir John, car repairer, h 923 Wisconsin av. 
     Welch Christie Mrs. prop. Park Hotel, h same. 
   o Welch Emmett, h Park Hotel.  * 
   m "Welch John A. brakeman Soo Ry. h 609 Indiana av. 
 VWeller Arvid B. lawyer, h 1209 Wisconsin av. 
     Weller Fred A. constable, h 1209 Wisconsin av. 
   P..Wenzel August, eng. inspr. C. & N. W. Ry. h ioo Clinton. 
'4 Wenzel Elizabeth, clk. 727 Wisconsin av. h ioo Clinton. 
  0 Wenzel Otto, painter Soo shops, h ioo Clinton. 
  - Werth Charles F. helpr. Soo Ry. h 418 Indiana av. 
C    Werth Emilia (wid. William) h 612 Indiana av. 
=WERTH PAUL, hard and soft coal, wood, ice and building 
        materials, Ohio and Indiana av. h 612 Indiana av. 
x 0~ 
       ' 011OW                      Undertak~ers and 
     L. G. Zacherl & SonEmbalmers A A 
C. LADY ASSISTANT        171-175 North Main Street Telephone 68 
-- Wetzel Charles W. condr. h 1113 Michigan av. 
     Whiskow William, lab. Soo Line, h 1404 Minnesota av. 
co* Whitmore William, janitor High school, h 13 Prospect av. 
Whitney George A. inspr. Soo Line, h 72 Harrison. 
     Whitney William, helper, h 528 Michigan.              fa 
C=Whitting James, brakeman Soo Line, h 719 Michigan av.        ". 
C42 Wiedewalt Albert, tailor, 8oo Wisconsin av. h 197 W. Division, s 
        Fond du Lac. 
-    Wiese Herman, brakeman, h 1107 Wisconsin. 
mm% Wilcott Dennis W. condr. h 827 Michigan av.            WC 
__Wilkowski Edward, mach. h 937 Michigan av.                       "
Willett Bradford, engnr. Soo Line, h Park Hotel. 
     Williams James R. fireman, h 1209 Wisconsin av.             i 
Williams John, fireman C. & N. W. Ry. h I220 Minnesota av. 
LIJ Willis D. Everett, engnr. h II15 Michigan. 
C*WVillis George, bartndr. h 1219 Broadway.                      C 
C    Winkler John, mach. h 508 Indiana av.                   0O 
                               Dealers in   Lumber, Lath, 
                               Sash, Doors, Blinds, Outside 
         cd o   u    bfC     lMouldings.     63t. 75 WSENAVE. 

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