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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's directory north Fond du Lac: M],   pp. 365-367

Page 366

     THE BUsY CORNER                      THE DAYLIGHT $TORE 
 e   MAT         N. FOND Du LAO] 366 [Dwmciy            NMIL 
 mD Matthew George, brakeman C. & N. W. h iolO Minnesota av. 
 O Maxim Frank Z. painter Soo Ry. h 7oi Indiana av. 
 Maxim Sarah (wid. Zenas) h 7o0 Indiana av. 
     McCADDEN JAMES L. police judge, real estate, insurance, 
L&J     surety bonds, loans and investments, notary; Village Hall, 
co      h 611 Michigan av. 
LIJ McCadden James W. student, h 61i Michigan av. 
a McCaffery James H. clk. Soo Line, h ioio Minnesota av. 
C    McCaffery Joseph J. condr. C. & N. W. Ry. h liO1 Minnesota av. 
C-2,IcCallum Duncan, engnr Soo Ry. h 412 Wisconsin av./ 
     McCallum Henry, engnr. Soo Ry. h 529 Wisconsin av., 
C,2McCallum John, brakeman Soo Ry. h 631 Illinois av. 
L.Q McCallum Neil, student, h 412 Wisconsin av. 
2    C McCarthy Daniel T. condr. Soo Ry. h 521 Wisconsin av. 
C    McCarty Michael, mach. 5oo shops, h 4 Harrison. 
McClure Anna, nurse, 407 Indiana av. h same. 
X    McCoy David, tel. opr. Soo Line, h 615 Michigan av. 
McCready William, foreman Soo Line, h Park Hotel. 
001,VIcCullough George, engnr. C. & N. W. Ry. h 1215 Broadway. [ 
C.   That good old Monoga-     I    I 
__ hela Rye and Calumet Club                                .&M 
"cc Sour- M as W h'=,A-L iske, y" a-t It l II I 1IV II  IIII  -I
 q mJlkt" 
Mv~   cCullough John C. engnr. Soo Line, h 545 Michigan av.    - 
     McGivern Andrew, blksmith. h 715 Michigan av. 
SMcGowan John, coal dlr. ft. Polk, h Polk, s. e. cor. St. Ry. tracks.oz 
McGowan William, tmstr. h Exchange Hotel.                        . 
   L McKay James M. loco. fireman, h 1103 Wisconsin av.        I 
   McKinley School, 436 Wisconsin av. 
McKinley School Hall, McKinley school bldg.                    z 
    McLane Martha Mrs. h 439 Illinois av.                 UP @ 
    McMulkin Catherine Miss, h 61o Wisconsin av. 
  'i McMulkin Fred J. appr. h 61o Wisconsin av. 
  I NQMcMulkin Nellie, clk. h 61o Wisconsin av. 
  L,X¢IcMulkin William H. engnr. Soo Ry. h 5Ol Wisconsin av. 
  1%-Melloneg Lawrence, carp. h 529 Florida av. 
  Menge William E. fireman Soo Ry. h 426 Indiana av. 
  4.Meyer Fred, loco. engnr. h 913 Wisconsin av. 
    Meyer Hattie, student, h 913 Wisconsin av. 
 Pw Meyer Herbert W. fireman, h 931 Michigan av. 
   SMeyer Louis, fireman C. & N. W. Ry. h 407 Bechaud.           9_ 
45Miller Clemencia, opr. Wis. Tel. Co. h 61 Harrison. 
        01                   W"MA~~ALZ AND RETAIk 1168.I 
    The    Huber Bros. -        OCKS. STATIONCRY, WALL PAPErs 
                               PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, SPICES. 9TO& 
    38 S. MAIN STREET       FOND DU LAO    TELEPHOxE 3o2 

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