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Wright's directory of Fond du Lac Co. for 1905 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, societies, etc.

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1904-1905: E],   pp. 112-116

Page 116

,ENG           FOND DU LAC] 116 [DIRECTORY           EWA_ 
C England James H. electr. h i49 E. Arndt. 
Z English Patrick J. (English & Koehn) h 49 E. 5th. 
0 English & Koehn (Patrick J. English, Nicholas Koehn) saloon, 
a.     io9 S. Main. 
w- Ennis Charles B. engnr. h 142 W. Division. 
Ennis Lawrence, h 142 W. Division. 
   Ennison James A. cheesemkr. h I8i E. Ist. 
Ephrain Leon, com, tray. h I81 E. 4th. 
   Erhart Elizabeth Mrs. h 300 S. Main. 
Erhart O'Letta, teacher Jefferson school, h 300 S. Main. 
   Errard Calipe E. grocer 343-345 W. Scott, h same. 
   Errard Charles, clk. h 345 W. Scott. 
Errard Edmund, clk. h 345 W. Scott. 
   Errard Joseph, clk. h 345 W. Scott. 
   Eudemiller Sebastian, h 48 Amory. 
   Euler Carrie, domestic 294 E. 2d. 
   EUREKA STEAM LAUNDRY, Wm. R. Thompson, propr. 70 
       S. Macy. 
  Evangelical Friedens Kirche, Military n. w. cor. Ruggles. 
j  Evans Christopher, millwright, h 346 N. Brooke. 
   Evans Daniel M. foreman Daily Reporter, h 257 Gillett. 
 Evans Edmund S. meat mkt. 222 Military, h same. 
J  Evans Etta, elk. H. T. Sackett, h 346 N. Brooke. 
   Evans George, gate tndr. h 346 N. Brooke. 
   Evans Kate M. teacher Washington school, h 346 N. Brooke. 
Evans Owen R, engnr. Insane Asylum. 
   Everdell Emma D. teacher High school, h 194 E. ist. 
Everest Albert C. painter, h 220 Superior.                       _ 
tmstr. h 165 E. 5th. 
(wid. John) h 238 E. 3d.                - c.' 
R. elk. 44 S. Main, h 238 E. 3d.                - 
(74) died Oct. 16, 'o2.                     t 
elk. h Tuneau s. e. cor. W. McWilliams.      _ Q 
   Evison Christopher N. (84) died June 16, 'o4. . 
 Evison Frieda (wid. Christopher) h 127 W. Cotton.          X 
,,                                                          N 
,e, h 303 Linden. 
mason, h 405 Bannister. 
Llena (7o) died Nov. 29, '03. 
tine, millwright, h 2 S. Park av.                a 
i15O W. 2d. 
 Calloway     Lumber Co.ANDCHURCH 
nish and Stair Builder  Telephoue 612  Pond du Lac 

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