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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Fortieth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Beloit, Wis., November, 1911. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays and discussions relating to the dairy interests

Woll, F. W.
The Wisconsin Cow Competition,   pp. 19-26 PDF (1.8 MB)

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Fortieth Annual Report of the
question of relative values of the feed and the production obtained
from such cows.
During each month of the two years just passed, a prize of $25
offered by the Hoard Publishing Company was awarded to the owner
of the cow producing or receiving credit for the largest production
of butter fat. Under the rules no cow could win this prize more than
once for her owner.
The 24 cows which received credit for the highest production of
butter fat during the respective months of the competition produced,
on the average, 72329 pounds of butter fat. It is safe to say that never
ir the history of dairying has there been, in this country or abroad,
a constellation of excellent dairy producers such as those included in
this list. It is true that the records given are for one month only,
but the same cows will also be found among the largest producers for
the year as well. At the present writing the yearly records of only
14 of these cows have been figured out, and the production of these
14 ranged between 455.2 and 888.2 pounds of butter fat, the average
of all coming at very nearly 580 pounds of butter fat equivalent to
about 680 pounds of butter, more than three times as much as the aver-
age production of the dairy cows on Wisconsin farms.
As before suggested, we cannot all have cows like these. They are
among the best cows in the respective herds and the owners would
not want to sell them, but by caring for and feeding the cows we do
have in a similar manner as these were handled we can doubtless
very materially increase their production and the net returns they
will yield us. The first requisite is, however, that we know what our
cows are doing and that can only be found out by weighing and test-
ing the milk at regular intervals, or if you do not have the time
or facilites for doing this, by joining a cow-testing association, or by
having official or yearly tests conducted of cows in year herd. Have
you looked into the work that is being done in this direction in our
state by this association, or by the Agricultural College? If you have
not, why not post yourself in regard to your business and find out
how much or how little money your cows are making for you and
how to increase the profits from the herd. The state employs a staff
of experts who are at your service and who will enjoy nothing better
than to help you improve your conditions if you give them a chance.
Why not take advantage of your opportunities and for a beginning
send a card to the Experiment Station at Madison for a copy of bulletin
No. 200, Selection of Feeds for Dairy Cows, and other publications
issued by the Station relating to the management of dairy herds?
A full account of the Wisconsin Dairy Cow Competition will be
published in the near future by the Experiment Station, and in this
$ a,:

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