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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Thirty-first annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Fond du Lac, Wis., February 11, 12 and 13, 1903. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays and discussions relating to the dairy interests

Halsey, Sabin
The clergyman on the farm,   pp. 58-61 PDF (918.8 KB)

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.60          Thirtfirst Abyad Report of X 
through and I can't find a single benediction pronounced upon 
lawyers or any other kind of business, except the tilling of the 
soiCl God has promised that there shall be seed time and 
harvest. He has pronased that the cattle shll inreme on a 
thousand hills. 
One other reason. You know when God wants great men, He 
has them born, starts them and grows than mio the farm. All 
the great mem of history, the statesmen of the world, have come 
from the farm. When we came to the saddest time in the his- 
tory in this country, what did we dot We called for the jnn, 
Abraham Lincoln, who had his start on one of the poorest farms 
in old Kentucky, and so with Garfield and with McKinley. A 
number of years ago in this state, some of us felt that something 
must be done, and at the convention in Milwaukee, one man took 
the platform and nominated the long, lean, lanky, witty fanner, 
my friend, W. D. Hoard, and you and I have now, and our sons 
will have, an appreciation of what he has done for the farmers 
of the state of Wisconsin, the best work he has done, and that 
appreciation will live when that voice we love so well has beew 
silenced forever. 
One other reason, and I am through. The lergymf should 
have a little farm, because it furnishes such an opportunity for 
the exercise of cultivated, intelligent faculties. The time has 
come when it is understood that the young mEn on the farm is 
just as certainly obliged to put his brain into his work as does 
any professional man. Give your sons the benefit of a college 
education, they will need it in the days to comne, to make of the 
waste a fruitful field and to make the wilderness blossom as the 
Ex-Gov. W. D. Hoard being loudly called for, responded: 
I wonder if you think I am a slot machine-all you have to 
do is to stick in a call and out comes a speech. 
You have listened this evening to the best that the musician 
and the preacher can give; you have listened to Dooley's humor, 
rendered by a little Irish woman-which reminds me that the 
first girl I ever fell in love with was an Irish girl, and I ap- 
preciated the proposition that when an Irish girl falls in love 
with a nan, he has got his hands ful, and hi arms, too. While 

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