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The Thistle

Calendar of events [and other notes],   pp. [28]-[29]

Page [29]

P   rest COuftresce                 It never is hard to keep in step? 
Not long ago, there was a gathering of          That's Frances 
great people in the Temple of the little berg of  Who is it that work with
all their might, 
R      Ge r    .                              From five in the morning till
ten at night? 
Bifen in Germany. The Temple was decorat-        Ta' h      rsmn 
That's the Freshmen. 
ed with sea Weed and Myrtle in honor of Nep-   Who is it that keeps the school
house so clean, 
tune the God of Waters. Arthur, King of       That never a speck of dust
can beseen? 
the Britons, presided at the meeting, and be-     That's the janitor. 
fore him on the railing, was a bright and      Who is it that visits the
High School classes, 
beautiful Ruby like unto the great Carbuncle.  To see the work of the lads
and lasses? 
In one corner of the room sat Lady Bertha         That's not the parents.
and Ethelbert of Kent, each wearing a Pearl     Theorem-Rivals on each side
of H. C. make 
of great price. Just to the left of them sat   him a mean proportional between
William the Conqueror, who was held in great    Data: -K. G.: H. C.: : H.
C.: F. R. 
awe by all the company. Near him sat Henry      To prove:-Which will win
VIII and Kathryn of Aragon. Sir Humphry 
Gilbert, the Fitzgerald lords of Ireland, and         lVotes from the Orades
the Howards of border warfare fame, occupied    Heard in the school-room:
"Ma says I can't 
the center rows. Queen Elizabeth, dressed in  take a bath because I catch
an elegant costume, and carrying a beautiful    "Let me take some of
that black paint, 
Schaal, had a prominent position in front,    you call charcoal gray."
Near her was Lewis of France and King John      Youth, (pointing to a sketch
of the May- 
of England, who had been brought to the        flower,) "Say! that don't
look like the May- 
Conference by Sir Frances Drake in the Great  flowers we pick, does it?"
Speeches were made by Wesley of Reforma-       Children playing school, Teacher:-"Now
tion fame, and Eliot the great English com-    you have to sit only one together."
moner. The latter spoke on the powers of         After making the moon oval
instead of 
Parliament and was loudly Clapped by the       round in drawing class, a
small voice peeped 
Angus of Scotland. Napoleon, who was pres-    up- "Teacher! my moon
is square like an 
ent with his Bride, Josephine, told of his great  egg."  
Vlctories in war, and John Smith gave a          The teacher's small brother
was visiting 
charming description of Pocohontas. During     school-Rushing in at recess,
he cried out, 
the session, Florence Nighingale sang a solo,  "Weli, what do you think-those
kids don't 
which touched the hearts of all with its pathos.  even know your first name!"
She was accompanied on the piano by Grace       A small student had deen
anxiously watch- 
Darling   The company was dismissed by        ing the picture of a turkey
develop upon the 
JeffersonDavi with an appropriate speech,      board; when the teacher finished
the sketch 
Marian with his famous band of soldiers was   by placing in the eVe, a voice
piped up- "Ain't 
not able to be present but sent an acceptable I  you goin' to put a eye on
the other side?" 
excuse.                 BERTHA KRAUSE. 
Who is it that watches us like a cat,           A pupil was allowed to bring
his dog into 
To see if we any mischief are at?              the school-room, providing
the dog would not 
That's Winn.                               take too much attention. The dog
slept peace- 
Who is it that stands at the turn in the stair,  fully but the master looked
back and giggled 
And if anyone smiles, looks as cross as a bear?  frequently. Finally the
teacher said- "John, 
That's Challoner.                          your dog acts better than you
do, doesn't he? 
Who is it that thinks the teachers should work  "Not when I'm asleep,"
was the prompt re- 
From nine until four, and then work no more?   ply.                  I 
The Clerk of School Board. 
Who is it that sings just like a lark,                  to0e  frt    a *art
LAndsings continually from daylight to dark?     "durand is ten and
steavy is 8 i don't no 
That's Harry.                             when there burthdays is durand
was born in 
Who is it that's always in a hurry,            1853 and steaven in 1813.
steavy says you 
But if she's behind, she does not worry?       spell his name stephen that
ain't rite and you 
That's Miss Germond.                       will pleas spel it rite like this
steaven hus 
Who is it at playing is such an adept,         muther mis" 
L         ...L::::::::CX 

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