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Pryor & Co's Sheboygan city directory. 1875-76. Comprising an alphabetical list of citizens, a classified business directory, lists of city and county officers, churches, schools, societies, streets and wards

[Sheboygan city directory: C],   pp. 33-34

[Sheboygan city directory: D],   pp. 34-36

Page 34

Cloves, Christian, carp. bds St Clair House.
Coadt, Charles, hostler, res Center av w 6th.
Cofrin, Henry, carp, res cor 4th and Huron av.
Cole, George C. real estate agt., cor 8th and Pennsylvania av res cor Suane
     and 6th.
 Cole, John B. res Beekman House.
 Cole, Nathai, real estate and ins. agent, 8th n Pennsylvania av res cor
     Center av and 9th.
 Collins, Benjamin, fireman, S & F R R.
 Combs, C. K. treasurer Sheboygan mfg co., bds Beekman House.
 Commer, Henry, cooper, res 9th a Niagara av.
 Coney, William, engineer, res Washingtton e 6th.
 Conick, Thomas, lab. res cor 5th and Williams.
 Conrad, Fred, chair maker, res Wisconsin av. w 9th.
 Conroy, Mrs. Margaret, res N Water nr Extension.
 C       C. spoke maker, bds Wisconsin House.
 Conway, Richard, mason. res Indiana av. w Chestnut.
 Conway, R. works Sheboygan mfg co.
 Cook, Christian, lab. ree 3rd s Erie av.
 Cook, Mrs. Henrietta. millinery, Center av w 7th, res same.
 Corsn, Melvian, chair maker, rea 7th s Pennsylvania av.
 Cormos, M. P. saw mill, rca cor 8th and Michigan av.
 f       iCard, cooper, bds 8th n 1huron av.
 0.7%    r    sailor, rem eor Huron av and 4th,
 ,.          painter. res St Clair av w 6th.
 Cchair maker. res St Clair av, w 6th.
 Cror, Silas,     res Michigan av e 7th.
 Croer, 8. B carp, bda Niagara av e 7 th.
 Crocker, Watn, chair manufg, res cor 7th and Michigan av.
 CThomas J., sail maker, res cor Williams and 5th.
 Cur  d     d,brikyard, Erie av w 13th, res cor 13th and Erie av.
 Curt* Mrs- C., res cor 10th and Center av.
D      ,Christ, lab. res Jefferson av w Hickory.
Dahn, Adolph, elk J. B. Keseberg, res 9th.
a        , uel, watchmaker, A. Imig, res same
D        Martin, res cor Ontario av. and 9th.
Daky, John, lab. Arens & Drishaus, res, Wisconsin av.
D   i   W. B., (Kraue & Darling) res cor 8th and Michigan av.
Dar, Crist, lab. re Superior av w 14th.
Demtro F. lab. Reed & Hinekley.
Pep., Frank works Sheboyean mfg co.
Deg, Fred, watchman, res cr Alabama av and Spruce.
Pep., Christ, lab. G. Goeldner.
DF. meat market, Center av w 6th res same.

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