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Rietbrock centennial

Transportation,   pp. 72-73

Page 73

First car in front: L-R Mike Nowicki & John Teresinski, L-R in back, Mary Nowicki,
child unknown, Josephine Teresinski; Second car, In front, L-R Anton Kreft, Stan
Kroll in middle, Allie Kret - driver, Ladies, L-R Mrs. Stan Kroll, Mrs. Anton Kreft.
A few in the Town of Rietbrock found the trucking
business a desirable occupation. Hauling milk became
an  asset to   the  trucking  business. Some
involved in trucking milk in cans with their own
trucks those days were: Reuben and Ed Dettmann,
Thomas Socha, Thomas Witucki, Albert Stencil,
George Witucki, Alois Stencil, Leo Soczka, Edward
Gesicki, Hoge, Leonard Miller, Art Heldt and Edwin
Heldt, Tony Diers, Joseph Writz, Eddie Lenard,
Joseph Trawicki, Joe Schaetzl and others. In later
years most of the factories bought out the individual
truckers and hired there own men. The others found
interests elsewhere.
One individual milk hauler is Kenneth Reuter who
bought his first can truck and route from Edwin Heldt
in Feb. of 1966 and hauled the milk to Pauly
Cheese at the Athens Plant. Finding it his fancy he
bought a second can truck and route from Tony
Diers Nov., 1967, and again hauled all this to Pauly
Cheese Plant at Athens. When The Pauly Cheese Plant
closed, on Oct. of 1970, he hauled the milk to Honey
Bee Plant at Hamburg, Wisconsin, owned by Pauly
Cheese Co.
Kenneth bought his first bulk truck and route from
Pauly Cheese Co. in Oct. 1970, and in Oct. 1974,
he purchased the second bulk truck, but without a
route. When the milk cans became obsolete, in
June of 1978, Pauly Cheese Co. quit taking can milk;
and he also discontinued can hauling. At the present
time, he runs two bulk trucks and the milk is delivered
to Pauly Cheese Co. and Honey Bee Plant. Besides
this trucking, he does occasional gravel hauling.
Another phase in trucking in the town of Rietbrock
involves the general, commercial and livestock haulers.
They are the following:
Delivery of L P Gas, Neuendorff Freight and Gravel
Gravel - Forest Products - Lumber
Hauler of slabwood
Commercial trucking
Commercial trucking
Livestock hauler
Livestock hauler
There are also some privately owned truckers in Riet
brock who haul their own pull. etc.

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