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Rietbrock centennial

Creamery and cheese factories,   pp. 68-72

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and some to Grade A. A hand-fired boiler was in use
in the early years for cheese-making and fuel went
from wood and coal to oil and natural gas. 1954
statements show the price of milk at $3.05 per hundred
weight, butter at 63 cents and aged cheese at 80 cents
a pound.
ine uergs to. ureamery. by 1sl1 in was Known as ine oiery u. --vi.,is raututy.
Located five miles north of Edgar. Now operated by Ervin Jagodzinski, L to R Joe
and William Bergs.
area. Some years later Hubert married the former
Adeline Schueller and left the factory business. Joe
married Elizabeth Metz in 1915 and he then con-
tinued making cheese at the factory. The present
Ervin Meyer bringing milk to Cherry Grove factory
Cherry Grove Cheese Factory and home now  owned and operated oy trvin
Jagodzinski family.
Factory additions were: a cooler and a larger
addition in 1962. A tubular pasteurizer, automatic
cheese-making equipment, clarifier, fine saver, cream
bulk tank, P N meter were added over the years to
modernize the cheese-making process of today.
Various cheeses were made: cheddar, barrel, Monterey
Jack and Co-Jack. At present, mostly Colby cheese is
made into 40 lb blocks. With two ambitious sons
Dale and Darryl helping Ervin, the business has be-
come a family affair.
Clover Belt Cheese
Josepn uergs cneesemaKer
house was built in 1919 by Oscar Reichl. A second
factory was built in 1918 and stands on the same site.
Joseph operated the factory until 1948, when he re-
tired to Edgar. His son, Wilfred, married the former
Mary Kulas in 1949, and he operated the plant until
1954. They then sold it to Ervin Jagodzinski, and
his uncle, the late Anton Knetter. In 1957 Ervin and
Arleane Jagodzinski bought the plant from his uncle
and have operated it for the past 25 years.
Various changes have occured in those 25 years. All
milk was hauled in cans, with many farmers hauling
their own milk. Farmers then converted to bulk tanks
First meeting of Stockholders was held at the Anton
Jagodzinski home on Oct. 10, 1927. Twenty-one
original stockholders, and twenty patrons.
Officers elected for one Year:
President- August Urmanski
Vice-President- John Pietrowski
Secretary- Jacoab Soczka
Treasurer - Paul Meller
Director - John Jesko
The making of cheese began in November, 1927.
Buyer- Pauly & Pauly Cheese Co.

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