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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

Barden, John A.
Pioneer mothers--1854 to 1860,   pp. 63-64 ff. PDF (411.4 KB)

Page 64

    In the line of education Mrs. John M. Newton, Mrs.
Washington Ashton and Mrs. A. C. Brown and Mrs.
William Mann were among the earliest teachers.
    In a religious way, it is difficult to single out any par-
ticular leaders, because of the different creeds and walks
of life. The Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopalian and
Methodists, perhaps covered the field in order named,
but the best of feeling and co-operation prevailed. Re-
viewing Superior's population, while of all classes and
beliefs, they were a God-fearing, law abiding and tolerant
people, owing largely to the broadminded Pioneer
    Owing to space we can mention only a few Mothers
of this earliest period: Mrs. Bennett, Shaw, Barnett,
Higgins, Merritt, Coborn, Schutte, Gates, Edwards, An-
derson, Clark, Bardon, Bradshaw, Ashton, Roy, Garrity,
Lenroot, Bischoff, Wheelock, Peyton, Dopp, Brown,
Calverly, Le Fave, Cadotte, Morrison, Neill, Morisset,
Smith, Pugh, Bertrand, St. John, Newton, Soderlund,
and Palmer. There are many others and equally worthy.
    In conclusion, we are unable to honor enough, the
Pioneer Mothers. Mine was conscientiously religious;
one who believed strictly in obeying the laws of the land,
one who observed the Holy Days and National Holidays;
was firm yet most loving-tolerant and fair minded.
Urged industry with a sprinkling of diversion, was
cheerful and hopeful, even perhaps under adverse circum-
stances, and always saw that kid-chums had a generous
snack of anything on hand. I am certain all the other
mothers were equally regarded.
    God Bless the memory of our Pioneer Mothers.

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