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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

The 1910's,   pp. 81-[96] PDF (3.8 MB)

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THE 1910'S
Shattuck Park
  During the early years of this decade, Clara A. Shattuck became
increasingly distressed as she passed and repassed the parcel of land
adjoining the river bank, between the library grounds and the C&NW
tracks. It had become a rubbish dump and a disgrace to the city. She
acquired title to the property in 1912, converted it into a park, includ-
ing cement retaining wall and an artistic boat house, and presented
the park to the city in 1915. During the late '4os and early '5os, the
property degenerated to the point where the Shattuck heirs threatened
to exercise a recovery clause in the deed of gift. This led to a working
agreement between the Park Board, the Shattuck family and the re-
cently formed Tri-City Boating Club, whereby the original plan of
the park was revised to accommodate the boating enthusiasts and pre-
serve the heart of the property as a beauty spot.
  No new schools were required during this decade, but cooperative
interest in our schools continued to expand. Mothers' Societies made
their appearance in 1915, which paved the way for the P.T.A.'s of our
  "The Council Tree," a school annual, began publication in 1919,
continuing until 1992.
  In 1912 the first school nurse, Mrs. Florence Lee, was employed.
  The following year the Vocational School, to which Carl Christensen
devoted his working years, made its beginning.
  The Theda Clark Hospital, looked upon by many in its early days
with dread and as something to be avoided, was, by this time, ac-
cepted. In 191o a nursing school, affiliated with Cook County Hos-
pital, was started. Miss Amelia Ritchie, Superintendent of the hos-
pital, became the first Director of the school in cooperation with the
local medical fraternity. By i9I9 the hospital, now overtaxed, was en-
  In the early days of this decade, also, a "Girls' Club" was instigated
by a committee of the Tuesday Club. Led by Helen Babcock, quarters

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