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Manitowoc County Historical Society / Manitowoc submarines

U. S. S. Ray (SS 271),   p. 9 PDF (323.0 KB)

U. S. S. Redfin (SS 272),   p. 9 PDF (323.0 KB)

Page 9

                             U.S.S. Ray (SS 271)
Keel Laid - July 20, 1942
Launched - February 28, 1943
Commissioned - July 27, 1943
Sponsor - Mrs. Sam C. Loomis - wife of Captain Sam C. Loomis U.S.N.
  On August 15, 1943 Ray cleared Manitowoc, ultimate destination the Pacific
area and eight war patrols.
  Ray's sixth war patrol started September 23, 1944 when she left Fremantle
for the South China Sea. Night of October 6, 1944 she attacked an escorted
tanker and scored one hit. Regaining contact the next morning she fired six
torpedoes at the tanker for three hits, further damaged but did not sink
target. Better luck five days later when with two torpedoes she disintegrated
the 4,180 ton cargo shipTokoMaru and escaped the subsequent depth charging.
On October 14, making a quick dive to avoid aircraft detection the conning
tower was flooded because of the quartermaster's failure to close the upper
hatch. The submarine was brought under control before reaching eighty-five
but flooding caused damage. Ray put into Mios Woendi on October 20
for repairs.
  Ray earned seven Battle Stars - The Navy Unit Commendation and the
Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation Badge.
  Twelve Japanese ships were sunk by Ray with a total tonnage of 49,185 tons.
  Ray was placed out of commission in reserve on September 30, 1958 and her
name was stricken from the Navy list effective April 1, 1960.
                            U.S.S. Redfin (SS 272)
Keel Laid - September 3, 1942
Launched - April 4, 1943
Commissioned - August 31, 1943
Sponsor - Mrs. B. B. Wygant - wife of Captain B. B. Wygant U.S.N. Retired
  During her tour of duty in the Pacific the U.S.S. Redfin was credited with
sinking six Japanese vessels with a total tonnage of 23,724 tons.
  Redfin departed New Guinea on December 26, 1943 on the first of seven
war patrols. Her second patrol began on March 19, 1944, assigned area the
Celebes Sea.
  On April 11 a submerged attack was made on a large destroyer
off Zamboanga, Mindanao. Four torpedoes were fired to score three hits. The
Destroyer's magazines exploded, she sank by the stern a mass of flames. Pa-
trolling on the surface April 12, a Japanese light cruiser and a destroyer
sighted. After a five hour chase at full speed, four torpedoes were fired,
missed. Three nights later, two surface attacks were made on a convoy of
ships and three escorts south of Mindanao. Redfin scored seven hits, sinking
four ships, escaping with a mild depth charging.
U.S.S. Redfin earned six Battle Stars. She also received the Navy Occupation
Service Medal, Asia, for the period September 2 - 3, 1945. By Directive of
January 1947 the U.S.S. Redfin was decommissioned and placed in the U.S.
Atlantic Reserve Fleet. In April 1953, she was recommissioned as SSR 272,
and served with the U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Stricken from the Naval Register
in 1971.

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