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Pryor and Co.'s Madison city directory 1877-8. Comprising an alphabetical list of citizens, a classified business directory, lists of city and county officers, churches, schools, societies, streets and wards

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       A PERFECT FIT. Sheldon, Daley & Sturm Bros.
    Undersheriff- W T McConnell.
    Treasurer -B M Minch.
    Clerk - Phillip Barry.
    Register of Deeds - 0 S Holum,
    Clerk of Court - Bernard Esser.
    Supt of Schools, 1st Dist -A H Ames.
    Supt of Schools, 2d Dist - M S Frawley.
    Coroner -John Ariens.
    Surveyor - James Mellville.
              FEDERAL OFFICERS.
    District Judge - James C Hopkins.
    Clerk of Court -F M Stewart.
    Marshal - F W Oakley.
    Internal Revenue Collector -Henry Harnden.
    Deputy Assessor -A H Main.
    Register in Bankruptcy -S W Botkin.
    Guager -- E S McBride.
    Postmaster - E W Keyes.
               Iall, Youngs' Block, Main.
Robert McCoy Commandery No 3 -Meets second Thursdays
   in each month. Geo R Cook, E C; C P Chapman, Gen'l;
   Ed Lazier, C G; David H Wright, Recorder.
Madison Council No 3- David H Wright, T I G M; Geo R
   Cook, Recorder.
Madison Chapter No 4 - Meets 2d and 4th Mondays. Ed La-
   zier, H P; A Chenev, K; 1) H Wright, See.
Masonic Benefit Association of Wis -Alden S Sanborn, Pres,
    Robert Wootton, Sec.
Madison Lodge No 5 -Meets first and third Thursday in each
   month. L S Brown, W M; .J H Rider, S W; J H Chap-
   pell, J W; D H Wright, Sec.
Hiraml Lodge No 50 - Meeets over Park Savings Bang first and
   third Thursdays in each month. J C Lander, W M; C L
   Krum, S WV; E A Coltrim, J W; Geo R Cook, Sec.
Concordia Lodge No 81 - Meets in Mills' Block first and third
   Wednesdays in each month. F Sauthoff, W M; Ed Rull-
   mann, S W; C Schopper, J W; August Sauthoff, Treas;o
   Henry Siggs, Sec.
                     I. 0. of 0. F.
                  Hall, Brown's Block.
Madison Encampment No 8- Meets second and fourth Wed-
   nesdays in each month. C E Hoyt, C P; J W Hudson,
   H P; N Bowerman, S.                     i

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