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Smith, Du Moulin and Co. (ed.) / The Madison city directory, and business mirror, containing the names of the citizens, a business directory, state and city record, and an appendix of much useful information

[General directory of names: M],   pp. 43-50 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 49

Moore Orin C., compositor, bds Clymer n Piuckney
Moore Oscar, printer, bds Clymer n Pinckney
Morgan Charles, mason, h Johnson n Blount
Moris Milton T., preparatory class, bds University
MORRISON JAMES, h Carrod c Main
Morrissey Bridget, waitress, American House
Morrissey Ellen, widow of Morris, bds Wilson n Broome
Morrissey Michael, laborer, h r Clymer n Broome
Morrissey Michael, h Wilson n Broome
Morrissey Moris, laborer, bds r Clymer n Broome
Morrissey Moris, Jr., laborer, bds Wilson n Broome
Morse Ambrose, bds State c Frances
Motley John, laborer, h Spaight n Dickinson
MOULTON HIRAM N., carpenter and builder, Clymer bet
    Broome and Henry, h same
Mousbaug John, carpenter, h
Mowry Jason, h Johnson n Livingston
Mowry John, clerk, h Williamson c Livingston
Mowry Luke, broker, h Johnson n Livingston
Moxiey Almon R., carpenter, h Clymer c Henry
Muldoon Michael, grocer, Clymer n Bedford, h same
Muldoon Thomas B., blacksmith, State c Gilman, h GorLam n
Muldoon & Crampton, (T. B. Muldoon & N. B. Crampton,)
    blacksmiths, State c Gilman
Mulhany Bridget, domestic, Kinney's Hotel
Mulhany John, laborer, h Dayton n Patterson
Munderlob George, clerk, h Lake ab King
Munger Hannah, widow of Franklin, h Henry c Washington
Munsell Andruss, carpenter, 11 Gorham n Patterson
Munson Ole, printer, bds Williamson n Livingston
Murnan Dennis, laborer, bds Rail Road House
Murphy Ellen, laundress, Capitol House
Murphey John, grocer, Main n Bassett, h same
Murphey Patrick, laborer, h Williamson n Butler
MURRAY JAMES L., bds Main n Henry
Murray Joseph, secretary of Wisconsin Telegraph Company,
    Bruen's Block, h Wisconsin Av n Mifflin
Myer John, carpenter, Wilson bet Carroll and Hamilton, h
Myers Catharine, waitress, Capitol House
Myers Jonathan J., ice cream saloon, Main n Webster, h same

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