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Smith, Du Moulin and Co. (ed.) / The Madison city directory, and business mirror, containing the names of the citizens, a business directory, state and city record, and an appendix of much useful information

[General directory of names: G],   pp. 29-32 PDF (699.5 KB)

[General directory of names: H],   pp. 32-37 PDF (1.0 MB)

Page 32

Gridley,& Bruce, (A. G. Gridley & A. T. Bruce,) auction-
    eefs, Pinckney n Clymer
Griffin I. M., carriage maker, h Butler bet Hamilton and
Griffin John G., grocer &c., 23 King, h W Canal n William-
Griffin Patrick, stone mason, h Johnson n Livingston
Griffiths John, printer, bds Dayton n Henry
Griffiths Samuel, printer, bds Dayton n Henry
IGfiffiths William, tailor, bds Dayton n Henry
Grim Gottleib, book-binder, h University Av n Gilman
Grishaber John, laborer, h
Gurnee John D., (Hasbrouck & Gurnee,) lawyer &c., At-
    wood's Block, Main c Carroll, bds Wisconsin Av bet Main
    and Clymer
Haack William, laborer, h Main n Bedford
HABICH CARL, real estate agent, 19 King, h Gorham e
Habich William, merchant, h Gorham ยข Brearley
Hacker Michael, wagon maker, bds State
Hagan Samuel, blacksmith, Williamson bet Blount and Living-
    ston, h Mifflin n W Canal
Hagan Thomas, blacksmith, Williamson bet Blount and Liv-
    ingston bds Mifflin n W Canal
Hagen Frederick, butcher and teamster, h Willianson bet Liv-
    ingston and Patterson
Hahn Erhst, tailor, bds W Canal
Haider Michael, Rev., h University Av c Frances
Haight J. M., printer, bds Osborn House
Hale Augustus, bds Johnson n Carroll
Hale David J., late merchant, h Johnson n Carroll
Hale Elias E., grocer, State n Dayton, h same
Haley Ellen, widow, h Blair n Washington Av
Hall Henry W., baker, bds Washington As n Webster
Hall Sarah, widow of John, bds Gorham n Brearley
Hallahan John, laborer, h Jenifer n Dickinson
Hallegar Barney, laborer, h Wilson n Henry
Haimost John, carpenter, h Webster n Mifflin
Halpin James, boarding, Clymer n Hamilton
Hamacher Peter, State Coln Tavern, Mifflin c Henry, h same

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