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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 6 (March, 1875)

The lumber firms of Indianapolis,   pp. 510-512 PDF (1016.8 KB)

Page 511

The Wmsconstn Lumberman.
1870. Hard lumber is his specialty, prin-
cipally walnut, of which he sell from six to
seven million feet a year. The yard oc-
cupies half a square adjoining the Vanda-
lia track. Thle yard at Terre Haute is
much larger, where M1r. Johns has a large
saw mill constantly running. Ile is the
owner of five saw mills, which is indicative
that he is doing quite an extensive busi-
ne S.
The Wonderly Lumber Company, of
Indianapolis, is a branch establishment of
the Wonderly Lumber Company of Grand
Rapids, Michiegan. T'he  establishment
here comenced operations February 1st,
1874, : and the fact that they sold the first
year 12,000,0010 feet of pine lumber, 3,-
-000,0l9t) lath, and 6,000.010 shingles, is
proof positive that they have enjoyed a
prosperous husiness. This company makes
a specialty of pine lumher, which is ship-
ped from Miohigan, as is also the lath and
shinglcs which they handle. The compa-
ny do a w holcstale and retail trade, but
their main besiness is wwholesale, as we
are assuncd that they ship extensively over
the nunmerons railways centering in this
city. Tile yard, comprising two acres, is
located between Liberty and Noble streets,
south of the Peru railroad, with which
road they are connected by means of a
switch of sufficient length to hold eleven
cars. The WonderlY Lumber Company is
a stock company, with a capital stock ef
$6111,Q00. The president, J. A. Wonder-
lv, and D. E. Little. secretary and treasurer,
b;oth live at Grand Rapids,Mlichiigan; and
4,ne of the stockholders, W. II. Jones, has
enbarge of the branch establishment in this
cit y  Office, mills, and wholesale yard at
Grand Rapids, Michigan. Branch offite,
22 South East street Indianapolis.
is a joint stock company, with a paid up
capital of $115,O01l; Victor Plogsterth,
president, and C. II. Buddenbaum, secre-
tary. The company *are dealers in flooring,
eeiling, rough and dres-ed pine, poplar and
ash lumber. Office, 3S South New Jersey
street; yard corner Bates and Dillon streets.
The vard occupied by the company embra-
ces ti40 feet front by 121) feet deep, with
switch attached connecting with the Indian-
apolir, Cincinnatti & Lafayette railroad.
The present corporation was organized
three years ago, since which time thev
'have enjoyed a good trade. The sales for
the past year aggregated $134,000. and the
amount of lumber handled was nearly 5.-
000,000 feet. As the name of the corpora-
tion indicates, their business is not confined
to the sale of lumber alone. They are also
mmnufacturers of doors, sash, blinds, door
and window frames, brackets, mouldings,
&c. T[le plaining mill adjoining the office
on South New Jersey street, with other
buildings connected with the concern, oc-
cupy 80 feet front, running back to Ala-
bama street. When running full, from 40
to 6') men are employed. The mill is sup-
plied with a variety of machinery, in every
way suitable to the wants aid requirements
of the business, the whole being run by an
engine of 40 horse power, made by Sinker,
DAvis & Co., of this city. A large ware-
room for the sturage of grods of their own
manufacture, with a salesroom  attached,
are connected with the yard where the
lumber is stored. The managers of the
concern are both energetic and enterpris-
located  at 525 to 235 North Delaware
street, is one of the enterprising manu-
facturin-g companies which Indianapolis
may be jastlpvproud. The Association is
a Stock Conmpanly, formed in 1867, since
which time it has been in active operation.
Capital stock, $i2 30,411)0; officers as follows:
C. Eden, President; James Hlasson, Sec-
retary. This establishment sells on an
average about 5,090,000 feet of lumber a
vear. Their books show that they handled
9,900,0(10 feet which was absorbed in
their planing mill in the manufacture of
their products. The yard used for the
storage if lumber is located at 329 Massa-
chusetts avelinc, and covers an area of six
acres. here we find stored a large amount
of lumber of all kinds, hard and soft, green
and dry, ready to supply the demand of
customers. The planing mill covers an
acre of ground, and is supplied with all the
necessary machinery of the most approved
patterns, and this vast amount of machinery
is run by one of Sinker, Davis & Co's
engines  of 120 horse power. At the
present time 112 men are employed, but in
the busy season they aggreggate 150 men on
an average. A remarkable feature of this
concern is that they are running almost al-
together on orders. The specialities of
this establishment in the mar. lacturing
line, are Sash, Doors and Blinds, Turning
and Scroll Sawing, Stair building etc.
They are also dealers in all kinds of lath
and  shingles. The present mill being
inadequatt co the growing demands of
their trade, they are preparing to build an

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