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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

K,   pp. 185-194

Page 188

CITI!EI HIL FllE U.OIW UN!I~                        ii 
ShI 43 JlKIM     nLMI     : : PAM     M  1m1111 FI IT. 
I88             j&NBSVILLB DIRECTORY. 
Kenney Patrick, farmer, h. s. s. State, 8 w. Center av. 
Kenniston Nellie M. Mrs. h. 52 Ravine. 
KENT ARTHUR C. mnfr. corn planters and steel shovels, 266 N. 
Main, h. 50 S. Main. 
Kent Edward J. (Kent & Crane) paints and oils, So S. Main, res. 
Kent Harry, student, 1h. 251 Cherry. 
Kent Louise R. bkpr. 13 S. River, h. 50 S. Main. 
Kent Silas, painter, h. 251 Cherry. 
KENT & CRANE (Edward J. Kent, George H. Crane) painters, 
decorators, dlrs in wall paper, 13 S. River. 
Kenyon Frederick J. hoseman Hose Co. No. 2, h. 23 N. Main. 
Kenyon Steven B. supt. poor, 72 E. Milwaukee, h. i io Milton av. 
Kepka Minnie, domestic 218 S. Main. 
Kerch Charles V. county surveyor, h. 254 Jackman. 
Kerl Frank, wirewkr. h. 1o 1st. 
Kerl Herman, mason, h. 16 ist. 
Kerl Thekla, h. o 1st. 
Kerl William, lab. h. io ist. 
Kern Lawrence A. bus driver Hotel Park, h. same. 
Kerr Sarah, domestic 314 S. Jackson. 
Kerry Edward C. wirewkr. h. 123 Pearl. 
Kerry Edward H. painter, h. Washington, n.w. cor Ashland av. 
Kerry Walter S. finisher, h. 123 Pearl. 
Kerstel Louis C. dyer, h. 207 Glen. 
Ketchpaw John F. clk. 2o N. Main, h. 20o S. Main. 
Kexel Lizzie, domestic, 252 Park p. 
Kidd Benjamin E. jeweler 115 W. %ilwaukee, h. 5 N. Wisconsin. 
Kidder Charles H. fireman C. & N. W. Ry. h. 251 Center av. 
Kienast Herman, lab. h. 6 Claron. 
Kienow Albert H. (Curtis & Kienow) h. 36 S. Main. 
Kienow Charles E. tinner, h. 1 6 Cornelia. 
Kienow Edward W. clk. 102 W. Milwaukee, h. 62 Milton av. 
Kienow William F. mach. h. 62 Milton av. 
Kilbey Edward, finisher, h. w. s. McKey blvd. 4 s. Eastern av. 
Kilbey George A. foreman, h. w. s. McKey blvd: 4 a. Eastern av. 
Kilmer Edna, h. io7 Park av. 
Kilmer James L. clk. h. 1o7 Park av. 
Kimball Adeline (wid. Fenner) h. 152 S. Bluff. 
Kimball Bertha M. milliner, h. 6a Locust. 
Kimball Euretta M. student, h. 151 S. Main. 
KIMBALL FRANK 0. furniture and undertaker, 18-2o W. Mil- 
waukee, h. isi S. Main. (See top lines) 
Kimball Frank W. student, h. 151 S. Main. 
gove  ahem  yet diw s  w   %A. f   m    yeam 

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